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Where a deep purpose and profitable business meet
What if living free from alcohol’s control is just the FIRST STEP of your journey? 

… The FIRST STEP of what you have to offer the world? 

And what if your NEXT STEP gives your past a purpose? 

… One that allows you to help others find freedom and serve at the highest level. 

An opportunity to change the conversation around alcohol from shame and guilt to health and wellness…

And make a great living doing it (regardless of your past coaching or business experience). 
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"The most profound moments in the history of the world always start with just a few. We are that few."
Annie Grace 
"The most profound moments in the history of the world always start with just a few. We are that few."
Annie Grace 
Your past experience is more valuable than you realize. 
Where Deep Purpose and Profitable Business Meet
(you ARE needed… now MORE than ever)
There’s only ONE drug on the planet so socially accepted that those who abstain have to justify not using it

It’s a drug that kills more than all other illegal and prescribed substances combined. 

And while the global health burden is alarming — it's nothing compared to the personal pain and suffering caused by its use. 

Destructive. Dangerous. And hiding in plain sight — ALCOHOL.
15.1 Million Adults
15.1 million adults (ages 18 and older) drink enough to be classified as having an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). 
6.7% Receive Treatment
Only 6.7% of those diagnosed with AUD in the last year have received treatment.
Alcohol Misuse Cost $249B
In 2010, the estimated cost of alcohol misuse in the US alone was $249 billion.
5.9% of all Global Deaths
Worldwide, 5.9% of all global deaths were attributable to alcohol consumption
Leading Risk Factor
Among people between the ages of 15 and 49, alcohol was the leading risk factor for premature death and disability in 2010.
1 in 10 Children
About 1 in 10 children live in a home with a parent who has a drinking problem
These facts are both heartbreaking and hope-filled. Why? Because although they are the current reality — they don’t have to be the future.

In fact, changing the future is what drives every moment of every day at This Naked Mind. 

There’s a problem though. No matter how big we grow, how fast we work, or how dedicated we are, we simply can’t do it alone. Sometimes it feels like we’re just one small pebble in a world of boulders. 

BUT we keep going because we believe our small pebble can create a ripple effect that, with enough help, can change the future. YOU can be that next ripple of change
Purpose Provides Profit
(and it’s a BEAUTIFUL way of life)
When you focus on your purpose, profit naturally follows. Rarely does it EVER work the other way around. That’s why we’re so careful about who we approve into the Institute. If your number one goal is profit - this is not the route for you. 

But if your number one goal is to pay-it-forward, to help people, and serve at the highest level - your revenue will take care of itself. 

I want to be clear - This Naked Mind Certified Coaching program is not primarily a business opportunity, but we do want to encourage you to build your service-based business or practice. 


Because our goal is aligned with yours. To help more people! And we believe when you do that, you’ll make a great living in the process.

Now, if you’re uncomfortable talking about money, have mental blocks when it comes to building a business, or feel “icky” about charging for your services… rest assured… you’re NOT alone. 

It’s such a recurring theme that we’ve added full modules, training, and resources to help renew your mindset about money so you can freely lean into your purpose and make an impact in people’s lives. 
Important Money Mindset Facts
  • While your business growth is entirely up to your dedication and there’s no guarantee of income.  
  • ​Most This Naked Mind Certified Coaches recoup their initial investment within the first year (and MANY a lot sooner). 
  • ​People are more likely to complete a program if they have to pay (you’re doing them a favor by charging!).
  • ​Changing someone’s life is priceless. Money is simply a tool used in the exchange of value. It’s a WIN/WIN.
  • ​Many coaches use pay-it-forward programs, scholarships, or promotions to help those who can only afford a fraction of their fee.
  • ​Only 10% of life coaches are successful because over 90% don’t have a successful niche. Our program already sets you up for success because it’s different from anything else out there.
Life as a Coach
There’s only ONE drug on the planet so socially accepted that those who abstain have to justify not using it

It’s one of the drugs that kills more than all other illegal and prescribed substances. 

And while the global health burden is alarming - it's nothing compared to the personal pain and suffering caused by its use. 

Destructive. Dangerous. And hiding in plain sight - ALCOHOL.
Show Up As An Expert
(even if you don't feel like one …. yet)
  • Your past failures and current successes are more important than you know. 
  • ​With our training, tools, and tactics you’ll show up as an expert for each client (even your first).
  • ​Everyone deals with insecurities. Don’t let them stop you from living a life of purpose. You’re enough and with our support - you’ll be ready.
Control Your Financial Future
(the more you make, the more lives you change)
  • Money is a tool for change. Make as much as you can & use it to do as much good as you can.
  • ​You’ll learn from one of the top marketers in the world so you can grow your business fast!
  • ​You get to decide how many clients to take on & how much you want to make. Your financial future is up to you.
Change the World
(plant seeds of change that will reshape our world)
  • Excessive alcohol use is on the rise. Millions of people need you now more than ever.
  • ​Nothing ever gets better unless the people who know better stand up and fight.
  • Move past ‘wishing you could help’ and embrace being part of the solution so many families are searching for. 
Take the Next Step on Your Journey
(there’s nothing more powerful than paying it forward)
  • Your journey to freedom was a HUGE step - now you can choose to take the NEXT step.
  • ​When you take your experience and pay it forward, you grow in ways you could’ve never before imagined.
  • ​Becoming a certified coach means your journey of health and wellness will never end. With every client, you’ll learn more about yourself.
This Naked Mind’s Certified Coach Training 
The mindful drinking, habit change, and personal development movement is growing year over year. With your certification, you’ll be ready to start or grow your coaching practice into a profitable business that changes lives and allows you to do what you love. 
$2.85B Industry
The life coaching industry grew 33% last year and is now worth over $2.85 billion.
One of the Top Movements
The alcohol-free & mindful drinking movement is one of the top personal development movements
Expert Experience
Your past experience & passion, combined with our training are all you need to become an expert.
Coach Like a Pro. Change Lives.
Build A Profitable Business.
(people pay for RESULTS & with the HRT or HEART Method you’ll get clients' results fast)
We believe true medicine makes itself irrelevant. 
  • When you address the root cause of a behavior, the need for self-medication (in any form) is no longer necessary.  
  • ​When you address the root cause, the entire identity of your client shifts.
  • When you address the root cause and help your clients solve it, their lives change forever.
We do this through our proprietary H.R.T. model. It’s a proven, effective process that will guide all your coaching sessions.
Without hope, change is impossible. One of the most important things you can do for your client is to make sure they believe in their future free from alcohol’s control. Free from the struggle not to drink. 

This belief and the energy they bring to their journey have more influence on behavior change than anything else. 

Would you even try if you were sure you’d fail? No. And neither will your clients. 

The truth is, people won’t even attempt to change when they don’t believe they can or when they feel powerless against their current situation. 

Our HRT Coaching Model will help you bring Hope into every interaction you have with your clients.
Your clients need to trust, respect, and feel seen and heard by you. 

That means as a This Naked Mind Certified Coach, it’s vitally important that you make the relationship between you and your client a priority. 

The higher your rapport, the more effective your ability to facilitate change will be. 

It really just comes down to vulnerability and mutual respect. 
But don’t worry - you don’t have to figure this out on your own. 

During your certification training, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of being an effective coach. 
Tactics & Tools
This is the difference maker. We have hundreds of science-backed, behavior change tools to empower your clients and allow them to walk their own Path as they create the change they want. 

As a This Naked Mind Certified Coach, you gain access to our extensive Tactics & Tools library so you have the support and knowledge you need to help clients with any and every situation. 

You'll build confidence knowing each tactic & tool is proven and built on the latest neuroscience has to offer. Not only do they ensure your effectiveness, but we’ll also walk you through how to choose the most effective tools for each situation and client. 

It’s the edge you need to truly change lives and grow your profitable coaching business. 
Your 6-Month Certification Experience
World-class coach training on the TNM methodology combined with proven 8-figure marketing tools and strategies means you get everything you need to be successful. 

Our Program Includes - 
  • Virtual Immersion Event: We kick off the training with a two-day Virtual Event where we’ll dig into the foundation of the TNM Methodology. You’ll meet your instructors and connect with your community of fellow classmates.
  • Weekly Training Modules: We release new modules each week. Some are the most impactful training from our 2019 LIVE event, while others are never before seen, newly recorded material.
  • Monthly Q&A with Annie Grace: Get laser coaching by Annie herself! Each month, she will meet you on Zoom for a chance to work with you directly and answer any questions you have.
  • Weekly Training Calls: Support, support, and MORE support! Every week, TNMI Instructors hop on LIVE with you to teach more on the week’s topic and answer questions.
  • 3 Live Workshops: Our Senior Coaches and Industry Experts share some of the most impactful strategies they use from the “field” and help you implement the tools you learn for faster, easier, success (no guessing games here!).
  • Celebration Events: We end our 6 months certification time together with a Virtual Celebration Event. This is a beautiful time to reflect on how far you’ve come in such a short time.
  • Your Coaching Certification Class: Access to an official private This Naked Mind Institute Coach-In-Training private TNMI Class in our TNM Companion App Group. In this group, you’ll get program updates, the ability to interact directly with Annie Grace, the This Naked Mind team, and with your classmates.
  • Your Path to Certification: This program takes you all the way through the completion of your certification. When you complete the program you’ll be certified, ready to coach, and have the basic tools to launch your business.
Launching your own business is the most challenging personal growth journey you’ll ever take. 

And unless you grow and develop along the way - you, your clients, and your business will become stagnant over time. 

As we work together, you’ll learn theory, tactics, frameworks, processes, science, personal growth, coaching ethics, relationship skills, communication skills, inspirational skills, and much more so you never stop growing.

By the end of the 6-month certification training, you’ll have a level of knowledge, compassion, and confidence that no other school can provide.
Nothing is more important than balance. You have to love what you do, otherwise, over time, people will suffer.

The hundreds of clients who hear your story, connect with you, and trust you at one of their most vulnerable moments in life, are counting on you

Where would they be if you allowed burnout in your life? 

If you don’t know how to grow your business and maintain a stable financial future? 

If you don’t stay in business? 

These (and more) are areas we focus on during the certification so you can enjoy a life of balance and long-term success.
Annie Grace is one of the best marketers on the planet. She’s won awards, broken records, and led teams of hundreds throughout 28 countries. 

She brings ALL her marketing experience to This Naked Mind Institute and teaches the 8-figure skills used to grow This Naked Mind. 

With Annie’s help, you’ll learn how to secure clients and change their lives. 

You’ll also learn how to protect your energy by choosing the right clients for you. Sometimes less is more - and Annie has a great way of helping you understand what’s truly important.
The Game Changer
(This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach Mastermind)
With your initial coaching certification tuition, you’ll also get 12 months of the This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach Mastermind. 

The Mastermind is a game changer for several reasons -
  • You’ll stay well connected with Annie Grace, members of the TNM Leadership Team, and all This Naked Mind Certified Coaches. This powerful community holds each other accountable, shares best practices, supports each other during tough times, and so much more. 
  • ​You’ll always have access to the best training and the most up-to-date information straight from Annie Grace. When something changes or something new is discovered, you’ll be the first to know. 
  • Third, active participation in the Mastermind is required to keep your Certification, listing on the This Naked Mind website, and TNMI Credentials current.
Also Included in This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach Mastermind:
Weekly Breakthrough Calls
Weekly calls to help with Marketing & Business Development, Coaching Methodology Development, and Personal Development.
Access to all Business Tracks
With our existing Business Tracks (PLUS new ones as they launch) you’ll get all the training you need to grow your successful business. 
Access to all Coaching Marketing Materials
Template emails, Facebook ads, website pages (shared funnels), freebie ideas, call-scripting to get 1:1 clients, plus much more. 
Your Coaching Community
An active support group with access to Annie Grace and the entire This Naked Mind Certified Coaching community. 
Quarterly LIVE Training
Learn from industry experts, internal experts in social media, website, and graphic design, and senior This Naked Mind Certified Coaches.
Monthly Sherpa Shares
Monthly presentations and Q&As with Senior This Naked Mind coaches. Learn from their success and get support during group discussions. 
Quarterly Planning Sessions
These targeted sessions help you strategically plan the upcoming quarter and set actionable and measurable goals for your business. 
Business Tracks
(No business experience? No problem.)
Focus on doing what you love, coaching your amazing clients, and fast-tracking your coaching business without wasting time learning online marketing. Business Tracks provides you with a step-by-step roadmap to bring you from where you are today to a thriving online presence and fully-booked client coaching calendar. 

Templates, Tools, and Training to Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Costly Trial & Error 
  • A detailed marketing strategy that takes you from unknown to a well-known and respected online coach.
  • ​Fully customizable website templates for lead generation, online webinars, client applications, and sales.
  • ​Tried and true application questions that get you the best, most dedicated clients.
  • ​Proven enrollment scripts for email or phone calls to get 1:1 clients.
  • ​How to get organic (free) traffic from social media, blogging, podcast interviews, and other lucrative platforms.
  • ​How to generate paid traffic from the most effective paid advertising platforms.
  • ​A template for niching down your ideal clients. 
  • ​Copywriting templates.
  • ​Facebook ads templates that you can customize for your business.
  • ​Calendar training for how to schedule clients and make the most effective use of your time.
  • ​Client scripts for effective 1:1 calls.
  • ​Client evaluation and note-taking forms.
  • ​Client homework assignments - from our exclusive tools and tactics library.
Business Skills You’ll Develop to Market Like a Pro: 
  • Build your online presence.
  • ​Offer your service in groups as a marketing technique (without sounding smarmy).
  • ​Create your ideal offer.
  • ​Find your ideal clients.
  • ​Use social media to your advantage.
  • ​Build your online review base, branding, and reputation.
  • ​Get and maximize testimonials.
  • ​Facebook advertising.
  • ​Create a freebie/opt-in build your list.
  • ​The ‘magic’ email sequence to get clients (we give you a script).
  • ​Webinar to applications strategy.
  • ​Logistics of successfully managing your calendar.
  • ​Grow & Scale: When to hire an assistant, who to hire, and how to make them most effective.
More Proven Products & Programs - Done For You
Use our existing and proven This Naked Mind programs while supporting clients as an effective coach.
Naked Mind Intensive
Our product includes nine modules of online video lessons that are geared toward helping clients change their relationship with alcohol.

This transformational program is designed to provide participants with a mindset shift that changes the way they view alcohol and its place in their lives. 
The LIVE Alcohol Experiment 
Our popular 30-day program includes video lessons that help participants understand how alcohol affects their lives. 

This experiment was designed to provide clients with new information, tools, and tactics they need to make alcohol small and irrelevant in their lives!
100 Days of Lasting Change
Our incredible and proven follow-up program to either the book, The Naked Mind Intensive, or The Alcohol Experiment. 

This program includes 100 Days of daily videos and journal prompts to help clients cement the mindset shift they have already experienced through one of the other programs.
Business Track: Live Event Workshops & Retreats 
(coming soon)
As a Certified coach you’ll be able to hold in-person breakthrough retreats. This is where participants come for a 1-2 day intensive to completely change their relationship with alcohol in a highly effective immersion event. 

Certified Coaches not only have access to offer these programs - but they also get the inside scoop on how we market and run them successfully! We provide sample email and website copy and walk them through the essential elements that go into running these groups effectively. 
Your Roadmap to Becoming Certified
(six simple steps to living your purpose and growing your business)
Apply to This Naked Mind Institute.
​Our team will review your application and set up a time to interview with you.
​If accepted you’ll complete enrollment.
​Show up. Engage. Work Hard. Complete all Training.
​Change Lives and Make a Great Living in the Process.
Coaching with This Naked Mind is NOT For Everyone
(here’s how you know if it’s right for you)
This is NOT for you if you can check off any of these statements as ‘true to you’:
  • I’m doing this to feel important, from a perspective of significance rather than service.
  • ​I’m doing this simply to make money without the heart of love and purpose.
  • ​I dislike being accountable to others and being part of a close-knit community to keep me growing and accountable.
  • ​I don’t want to follow a proven process (This Naked Mind methodology) but want to develop my own thing.
  • ​I dislike giving my all and being vulnerable in front of others in LIVE training.
  • ​I’m not willing to put in the time and effort and endure the ups and downs of starting and running my own practice.
  • ​I dislike role-playing during training and am unwilling to put myself out there in front of others.
  • ​I’m not teachable and not coming from a place of wanting to learn and grow, both on a personal and professional level.
Now… if NONE of those apply to you, I want you to do something for me…

Get quiet. Take a few deep breaths. Focus on this opportunity. 

Envision yourself as a This Naked Mind Certified Coach. 

Imagine receiving a thank you letter from your client sharing how they reconnected with their child, or that their marriage is healing. Or best of all, they look in the mirror and like what they see. 

How does that make you feel? 

If it makes you feel alive, determined, and willing to do what it takes to make it happen - YES! This is for you.
What We Expect From All Our Certified Coaches
We’re passionate about helping people who want to change their lives and we expect our coaches to share that passion. Coaching is a rewarding and challenging business and our This Naked Mind Certified Coaches will be known for their practical coaching knowledge and top-notch service. 

Launching your own business is a rewarding challenge for those willing to put in the work. While we give you all the marketing strategies, processes, and tools you need to become successful, your success is entirely up to you. You get to decide how hard you work, how flexible and adaptable you are, and where your heart is in terms of serving others at a high level. 

We expect you to have a working knowledge of software applications and be fairly tech savvy. This entire approach is technology-heavy. Coaching occurs in video calls, appointments are scheduled via an online scheduling system, training programs are held in online membership areas, your marketing will be done primarily on social media and you will have to be able to set up and run your own website and email sequences.

Do You Have These Qualities?
  • Strong Desire to Help People: Whether through their own experience or through their connection with others, This Naked Mind Certified Coaches are highly driven by a deep sense of wanting to help others get through their struggles with alcohol and start the process of building a better life.
  • Desire to Own a Coaching Business: Our coaches leverage the power of the TNM brand and method to build their own business. No matter if they have an existing practice or are just getting started, This Naked Mind Certified Coaches are looking to improve their own lives by helping others.
  • Results Oriented: This Naked Mind Certified Coaches are out to get results for their clients. They will do this through the application of the This Naked Mind Coaching methodology. They are driven by seeing the results their clients can achieve.
  • Ready to Grow: This Naked Mind Certified Coaches know that the growth journey never ends. There are always opportunities to grow and This Naked Mind certified Coaches are continuously working on themselves to get to the next step so that they can help others to the same.
On a Practical Level, We Expect…
  • Excellent Service: This Naked Mind Certified Coaches provide top-notch coaching services.
  • ​Participation in the This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach Mastermind: As mentioned above, active engagement in the Mastermind is required.
  • Continuous Learning: This Naked Mind Certified Coaches continue learning: about others, and about themselves.
Life-Changing Program. Life-Changing Results.
(Hear From Some of Our Alumni)
Coach Zoe Ewart
Last year i said to my 21 year old daughter Mitsy " Moo, something is about to change, i don't know what it is but i know it's coming" and we left it at that. A week later I got an email from This Naked Mind inviting me to consider becoming a coach and something was born in my heart; hope. Joining TNMI with not much self-belief or confidence I emerged after what was the best six months i could ever have imagined not only a brand new coach full of excitement and confidence but also an entrepreneur and a newly business savvy butterfly! I would never have thought that i would be here today helping people help themselves discover a life of freedom and awe whilst them helping me through their trust and commitment thrive in a life so beautiful I still pinch myself that its mine! TNMI said to me again and again ' be yourself Zoe cause we love you just the way you are' so that's what i did! Thank you TNMI xxx
Mike Shennan
TNMI has allowed me to take the incredible gift I received from Annie back in 2018 and share it with others who have found themselves in a similar situation. When I first reached out regarding the possibility of coaching around these techniques and tools, I had no idea what a profound impact it would have on my life and all those I’ve been so fortunate to work with. There have definitely been obstacles I’ve had to overcome, both external and internal, but TNMI has been there to help guide me and support me every step of the way!
Ellie Crowe
TNMI has changed my life beyond recognition. I had that stirring, that calling and I'm SO glad I listened. The experience surpassed all expectations and even if I'd not created a coaching business after training, the investment was worth EVERY penny for my own personal and professional development, and for the connections and friendships I've made along the way. Joining TNMI is challenging in the best kind of way, and has meant that I've finally found my purpose in life and what I love doing. This is one special place to be and I'm profoundly grateful.
Sam Goldfinch
When I look back over the past few years, there is life before TNMI, and then there is life after. Not only was the confidence I built during the coach training rocket fuel for my coaching business, but the connections I made during the training have been truly life-changing. For me, the entrepreneurial journey is a spiritual one at heart, as we're traversing why we're really here, and what unique expression we want to bring into the world. Because of this, the environment we choose for our evolution is beyond important, and I'm so glad TNMI is one of my containers for personal growth. The support I received both in terms of coaching methodology, scientific understanding, and personal development was and continues to be world-class and is worth every single penny. I'm so grateful to be a part of it!
Kat Pope
What started as a little booze-break in July 2020 transformed into a full fledged personal development path ending up with my enrollment in TNMI. Pre-COVID, I never examined my behaviors, thoughts, or emotions, and just flitted about in life thinking things just happened to me or didn't happen to me and I had no control over any of it. The booze-break was just the beginning. Clearing my mind from toxic alcohol allowed me to look deeper and find myself. It was almost as if I'd allowed weeds to grow over me - my beautiful blooming self was still in there somewhere but the weeds were stronger and thicker. To be honest, I applied to TNMI during my personal alcohol experiment, I was alcohol free for a few months and wanted to see what alcohol was really like, without any phones or friends or music or fun. At the end of the bottle of wine, I was board and bloated. I spent most of the time journaling on how many amazing people I'd met while I was a student of This Naked Mind. I didn't want that to end and I really wanted to give back to my community, as a coach. So I applied drunk as a skunk! During the training, I learned even more about myself and the skills, tricks, and mindset values I'd learned while becoming alcohol free, stuck hard. The training teaches you to be a life coach but also teaches you to LIFE. We are all in this together and, because of my experience dropping alcohol out of my life, I learned how to coach others to do so. TNMI helped me worked through energy snags around money, coaching, and personality traits. The weekly lessons and zoom calls were excellent - not too much but just enough that I took the program very seriously. And, it is not cheap! You should take it seriously. The price point is well worth the transformation and kickstart to my business. I went from not knowing how to coach, build a website, run a zoom group meeting, take money, make a contract, shift people's minds - to a full fledged growing coaching business! The friendships I've made in this community are also worthwhile and life-sustaining. I love these folks! Thank you TNMI - you changed my life and you empowered me to change others' lives too! 
Tabbin Almond
It took me a year of prevarication before I decided to become a coach but I am beyond delighted that I did! I learned SO much during the training and have developed, and continue to develop, so much as a person. After a period of coaching part-time, I gave up my job in order to coach full time. The best decision ever! Coaching is a privilege and just doesn’t feel like work!
Ruby Williams
It felt like I was in a deep dark cave when I was drinking every day for decades. With the help of This Naked Mind, I was able to make alcohol small and irrelevant in my life and, while moving through my AF journey, I discovered my passion in life is to help others. My hope is for everyone going through the vicious cycle of alcohol abuse to discover lasting freedom. I listened to my heart and asked myself, how can I help others get out of their dark cave and how can I make a difference in the world? I didn't know if I could be an effective coach but took a leap of faith and decided to finally play BIG in this life. I signed up and immersed myself in the coaching materials (it was actually so much fun because I love learning about addiction and mindset). I am forever grateful that I made the decision to become a TNMI Certified Coach. Thank you Annie Grace and Team. 
Check Out Our Results
This Naked Mind Institute isn’t about making sales. It’s about making CHANGE. That means we’re serious about over-delivering so our students get the BEST education, experience, and support available.
XX% of our students say they found their purpose and do what they love. 
XX% Get a full ROI within 12 months (and many less than that).
Our student satisfaction rate is over 95% with 100 student coaches. 
XX% graduate with a renewed personal passion. 
Our coaches make between $3,000 and $12,000 per month. 
Our completion rate is XX% (as opposed to the online industry average of 10%).
My Story Isn’t That Different Than Yours
Hi! I’m Annie Grace, Founder of This Naked Mind. Although my journey with alcohol may look different than yours, I know many of our struggles for freedom are the same. 

My relationship with overdrinking began at 26 when I became the youngest Vice President in a multinational company’s history. Over the next 9 years, I leaned on alcohol to “balance” the stress I experienced climbing the corporate ladder. 

By 35 I was in a global C-level marketing role, responsible for 28 countries and drinking nearly two bottles of wine a night. It was one of those nights I decided my professional success came at a personal price I was no longer willing to pay. 

Even though I knew alcohol wasn’t serving me in my life any longer, I was terrified of trying to suffer through life in a daily battle for sobriety. I didn’t want to feel deprived and constantly deal with the temptation to drink. But there just wasn’t any program out there that helped me long-term and without suffering. 

So I set out on a PATH not yet created. I learned to strip alcohol of its power and change my beliefs about booze being a reward. I literally revamped my brain. And now today, I help others across the globe do the same. 

Through a grace-based and compassion-led approach, I offer a proven alternative to the largely ineffective recipe for so-called “success”—the one that says anything less than 100% abstinence is failure. 

Instead of teaching people to be sober, I teach them how to eliminate their desire to drink altogether and I’d be honored to help you do the same.
"The most profound moments in the history of the world always start with just a few. We are that few."
Annie Grace 
Frequently Asked Questions
What do This Naked Mind Certified Coaches Actually Do?
This Naked Mind Certified Coaches provide coaching in a variety of ways: with 1:1 clients, in groups, and inside of This Naked Mind programs. 
How is This Naked Mind Institute Coaching Certification Different than ‘Life Coaching’ or ‘Recovery Coaching’? 
This Naked Mind Institute Coaching Certification is the only place to learn how to coach the TNM Method. Additionally, this is not just a coaching theory course - This Naked Mind Institute Coaching Certification includes the business tools, tactics, and strategies you need to make your business successful. TNMI is also not a certification to become a Licensed Addiction or Substance Abuse Counselor. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for that type of licensing and TNMI does not aim to be in the Addiction Counseling/Coaching category. TNMI Certified Coaches should never represent themselves as Licensed Addiction or Substance Abuse Counselors unless they have the appropriate licensure from their jurisdiction.
How will this online training work? 
Training module videos will be released on a weekly basis. Modules will include clips from our live training as well as additional material. Additionally, calls will be hosted each week to discuss the material and answer questions. These calls are your chance to engage with the coach training material with your TNMI Instructors. You will also have access to the private TNMI Class, which will serve as our online home during the training and certification process. This will give you direct access to This Naked Mind as you work to learn and develop proficiency with the material and the method. We will begin working together on your certification requirements, and by the end of the six month period you will leave the training ready to start your coaching business. 
Can I Really Do This?
Yes! If you have the drive to help people break free above all else, and the motivation and desire to build your own business through providing coaching services, then you can make this happen. 
What Do I Get if I am Accepted? 
If you are accepted, you will get an invitation to the Online This Naked Mind Institute Coaching Certification Program Training. Over the course of this six month training, You will receive the information, tools, practices, and knowledge you need to start and run your own coaching business.
What is the Tuition for the This Naked Mind Institute Coaching Certification Program?
This is an investment, and it is not cheap. And it does take work. But it is incredibly worth it. This is not a guarantee of income by any means. If you compare tuition in this program to a college or vocational education, it is very inexpensive. Once your application is approved, one of our team members will discuss pricing and payment options with you.
Why Do I have to be Active in the This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach Mastermind?
We are particular about who we recognize as a This Naked Mind Certified Coach, and it’s very important to us that we have consistent communication. This makes sure that you consistently have access to the newest tools and information, that you have a place to get support and advice, and that you are in touch with the This Naked Mind Certified Coach community.
Do I Owe a Percentage to This Naked Mind? 
No. That is what is so amazing about this program. Once you are certified, your earning potential is entirely up to you. This is a certification program that simply certifies that you have completed the training and are active in the This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach Mastermind group. This is not a “business opportunity” or franchise. It is not an employee relationship or partnership with This Naked Mind, LLC or Annie Grace. The role of This Naked Mind is to train you on Annie Grace’s proprietary processes for coaching and support you as you develop your skills as a coach. We will provide you resources, suggested tools (that may come at additional costs), shortcuts and strategy, but building your business and securing clients is up to you.

You may have an opportunity to be an affiliate for This Naked Mind or to be hired as a coach by This Naked Mind. These opportunities are not part of this certification program, are not guaranteed, and will be addressed outside of this Coaching Certification Program.
What Happens After I Apply? 
We’ll review your application and if you’re selected for the next step, we’ll be in touch to schedule an interview. At the interview, we’ll determine together if this program is a good fit for both of us.
What Happens if I don’t Love It?
You can get a pro-rated refund. Here is how it works: If at the end of the first month of training you don’t feel this is for you, or if you are unsure or unhappy for whatever reason, simply reach out to us at, and we will provide you a pro-rated refund. 
Is This For Me? 
If you are doing this to feel important, from a perspective of significance rather than service, this is not for you.

If you are doing this simply to make money without the heart of love and service, then this is not for you.

If you dislike being accountable to others, and being part of a close-knit tribe to keep you growing and accountable, then this is not for you.

If you do not want to follow a proven process (This Naked Mind methodology) but develop your own thing - we think that’s amazing - but, this is not for you.

If you dislike giving your all, and becoming vulnerable in front of others in a live training, then this is not for you.

If you are unwilling to put in the time and effort and endure the ups and downs of starting and running your own practice, then this is not for you.

If you dislike role-playing during trainings, and are unwilling to put yourself out there in front of others, then this is not for you.

And finally, if you are not teachable and not coming from a place of wanting to learn and grow, both on a personal and professional level, then this program is not for you.

Get quiet, take a few deep breaths, and focus on this opportunity. Envision yourself as a This Naked Mind Certified Coach. Imagine receiving a thank you letter from your client letting you know that they have reconnected with their child, or that their marriage is healing, or best of all that they look in the mirror and like what they see. How does that make you feel? If it makes you feel alive, then yes, this is for you.
Still Have Questions?
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