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Are You Ready for Connection? Inspiration? Motivation? Friendships? Community?
Are you tired of doing this alone and ready for the support of an entire tribe of like-minded people who you can lean on, rely on, and ensure the changes you make stick for the long term? 
Then you have come to the right place! 
When was the last time you wondered if this new lifestyle is really meant for you?
It’s heartbreaking. 

I felt so alone in my journey to change my drinking. And yet, as soon as I started to talk about it, I realized everyone else was in the exact same boat! 

No joke. College friends. Coworkers. People I know from my kids' school. So many hundreds of people have come up and thanked me because they also felt alone. 

It has been said that the antidote to addiction is connection. 

And yet… in our ‘connected’ society we can feel more alone than ever. 
Here is the truth. We live in an alcohol saturated culture. It is everywhere. It is inescapable. And if we don’t have a place we can come to remind ourselves of the truth about alcohol, it can be easy to get sucked back in. To go back to our old ways. To realize, yet again, a few months down the road, that we are drinking more than we intended and hating ourselves for it. 
Since I self-published This Naked Mind in 2015, I’ve been asking myself how can we counter the subconscious ‘pro-alcohol’ conditioning that is all around us. All the time. How can we maintain our motivation? How can we share our stories and come to a place where we feel loved, supported and part of a powerful tribe? 

The reality is that every single change that propelled our culture forward started with a minority. A brave, fierce few who were unwilling to compromise. Unwilling to live within the harmful group-think and herd-mentality of their culture.
It’s always started with a few. 

We are that few. 

And we need to connect, becoming more than we could be alone. 

We need a sacred place where we can be ourselves. Where the world can fall away and we can exchange motivation, ideas, inspiration and support. Where we can stand our ground and remember who we are. And who we want to be in the world. 

The Exchange is That Sacred Place. 
Are you ready to stand with me and give back to others? To nurture grow and care for our fierce, courageous and growing tribe of world changers? 
Do you pledge to join us, not only to maintain your own goals and change but to motivate and inspire others? To both give and provide love, compassion and support? To exchange ideas, mercy, grace and inspiration? 

If yes, then you are who we are looking for. 
Are you ready to stand with me and give back to others? To nurture grow and care for our fierce, courageous and growing tribe of world changers?
Do you pledge to join us, not only to maintain your own goals and change but to motivate and inspire others? To both give and provide love, compassion and support? To exchange ideas, mercy, grace and inspiration? 

If yes, then you are who we are looking for. 
Our Manifesto
Grace First
We are not perfect. We never will be. That's OK. This journey is not about perfection, it's about extending grace to ourselves (and others) over and over and over again. It is when we stop blaming and shaming ourselves (and others) that profound change occurs. 

We know that showing our imperfections is the most courageous thing we can do. It is in our vulnerability that others will find hope.
Conscious Choice
We live out of conscious choice, empowered by education and self-knowledge. We walk a new path, one that is a great experiment in finding our own answers, our personal peace. 

Our choice may not be the choice of the majority and that's OK. We educate ourselves, question our motivations, and find our truth. And from this truth we can live beyond self-imposed rules.
Powerful Responsibility
We are not powerless. We know that our choices, decisions, and especially our questions give us our power back. We may not choose our circumstances but we know our lives are ultimately our responsibility. And we refuse to give our power away to alcohol, to old stories we've told ourselves, or to other people. 
We Are The Change
The most profound movements always start with just a few. We are that few. People don't need fear-based lectures - they need examples. 

The most hopeful thing another can see is you. Happy, joyful and at peace. Without fear, without rules and without pain.
The Exchange is a “Secret tribe” of sorts. Where Naked Minders, like yourself, can exchange ideas, concerns, support, compassion and motivation WITHOUT feeling exposed, discouraged or let down. 

The Exchange is not just another Facebook Group. 

It is a safe place to explore your new identity, to trip and fall and be picked up by an incredible community that has your back. 

It is a garden of growth and connection, where you can give back to others who are on the journey with you. 
Once you are inside the group, you’ll be surrounded by a bustling community of some of the most inspiring, uplifting and caring people on the planet. We support each other unquestionably - no matter where we are on the journey. 
You’ll get unlimited access to our Exchange Hours - online, face to face, meet-ups. These are facilitated by Naked Mind Intensive graduates and others steeped in the Naked Mind methodology, who provide accessible, loving and caring conversation and community. If you need a pick-me-up, or to get (or give) some additional support, you can find the next Exchange Hour to hop into. 

You’ll have private access to an exclusive ‘Closed Facebook’ group where Annie Grace, Scott Pinyard and other Naked Mind coaches will be going live with trainings, insights and inspiration. 
* Screenshot just for presentation purposes. This is not from an actual call.
My CORE mission and purpose is to help YOU grow, adjust, and thrive in your alcohol-free life. The Exchange is where I, and other coaches, will be pouring our time and attention to ensure that you are empowered to be exactly who you are meant to be in the world and have the tools to let go of anything (and specifically alcohol) that is holding you back from fulfilling your purpose. 

A place to CELEBRATE your wins and your growth. A place to celebrate YOU. We believe that true change happens when we want the new thing. Not when we are just avoiding the old. In The Exchange you will constantly be reminded of everything you want in an alcohol-free life and motivated to get there. 
The secret to true happiness is service. Helping someone else. Lending a hand, or a listening ear. The Exchange is named ‘Exchange’ because not only will you get all the support, inspiration and motivation you need, but you will also be able to give back. And trust me, nothing feels better than helping someone else change their life. And nothing gives you more determination and motivation than lending a helping hand to another. It truly is a win-win. 
Since we care so deeply about you and your success, when you start your free trial today, you will receive all of these bonuses ($1076 USD VALUE) 100% FREE! 
Bonus 1: Neuroscience - Hack Your Cravings with Annie Grace 
 $289 USD Value 
Are you ready to ‘Hack Your Cravings’ in other areas besides alcohol? What about sugar? In this exclusive presentation, Annie Grace shares how to get back in the driver’s seat in your relationship with sugar. How to overcome cravings and the single best tool for taming your unwieldy (and often counterproductive) subconscious. 
Bonus 2: Ant’s Seeds and Skyscrapers with Scott Pinyard 
 $199 USD Value 
In this ridiculously valuable presentation, Scott Pinyard delivers a complete strategy for understanding negative thinking patterns so that you can blow away self-defeating thoughts. This is a must-watch training if you are looking to make big changes in your life and want to enjoy the process! 
Bonus 3: Thoughts Are Things with Annie Grace
 $389 USD Value 
Are you ready to have your mind blown? You will never think about your thoughts the same way after this life-altering presentation. This incredible presentation was given in San Diego to an exclusive group of people who had to pay $389 USD to get in the door. But as part of The Exchange, it is yours absolutely free. You don’t want to miss this. Annie provides the specific science behind why certain things work, which is so inspiring and motivational that you can’t help but be a different person after this presentation.
Bonus 4: The Art of Intentional Living with Carly Benson
 $199 USD Value 
This powerful session is designed to help you uncover and rediscover your core intentions and desires as you work to integrate them into your daily life. You’ll discover how to start taking action from a place of clarity and alignment with your intentions. The fact is that every single one of us CAN have a life we are totally passionate about - without addictions, hang ups & habits that weigh us down. This session will help you do just that! 
For just $27 USD/mo (less than $1 USD per day!), you’ll get instant access to The Exchange from This Naked Mind plus all 4 incredible bonus gifts listed above. 
AND - when you join today you get a FREE 30-day trial. Cancel at anytime and you will never be billed again. 

My goal is simply to create an incredible online community. A tribe of people dedicated to finding their truth, living their best life. A minority who knows there must be a better way and who, by reaching their full potential, can pay it forward and impact the world.
When you join The Exchange today, you get 30 days absolutely free. There is no risk, and no charge. Simply cancel anytime within the first 30 days and you will never be charged. There is no better investment - and it is completely risk free. Why? Because I know that you are going to love it and this incredible community is going to be a game changer in your life. 

I can’t wait to welcome you inside The Exchange. 

Annie Grace 

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