Are You Ready For Freedom?

For Alcohol To Be Small & Irrelevant In Your Life? 

Do you want that to happen sooner than later? 

You are in the right place. This is your chance to join the PATH before we close enrollment indefinitely! 
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Watch this video from Annie first

Imagine a life where: 

  • You can take it or leave it.
  • You are no longer fixated on a drink. 
  • ​You don’t miss drinking, in fact you don’t even feel like drinking.
Imagine the life you will lead when alcohol is not taking up space in your mind, heart, or thoughts. And it is certainly not negatively affecting your life or health. 

Imagine being that ALIVE and joyfully loving every minute.

Sound too good to be true?

You don’t have to believe it in order for The PATH by This Naked Mind to work. 

In fact, being skeptical is a good thing

It means you have the exact right combination of curiosity, intellect, and judgment to ensure your success. 

Would you like to hear exactly how that might happen? And why The Path by This Naked Mind is how you can achieve freedom from alcohol? 


The PATH can lead you to freedom, not just from drinking alcohol, but from your desire to drink alcohol. And when that happens… 
  • You won’t have cravings
  • ​You will never feel like you are missing out
  • ​You won’t have to avoid social situations
  • ​Instead of feeling weak or powerless, you will feel strong, in control, and powerful (you might actually start to feel a bit sorry for drinkers! I know, it's crazy!)

Without desire,

there is no temptation. 

If you don’t desire a drink, you won’t ever worry about drinking or not drinking, how much you are drinking, or what you said or did when you were drinking. 

You will be Free
You will be Alive.

Your energy, mental, physical, and emotional state will be liberated. And you can direct it to living, joyfully and happily.

The PATH has the power to make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life. 
A Non-Issue. 

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true and has happened for thousands of people.
“It sounds crazy, and I was very skeptical, but this course truly changes your unconscious mind. That's the only explanation I have for having NO cravings or desire to drink whatsoever. It is repetitive for a reason and you will barely notice it. It works!” - Amanda, London 
“6 months alcohol poison free this time! I think I'm truly done with the cognitive dissonance of thinking that stuff was ever any good for me. So happy to have my life, my body, and my energy back! Thank you Annie Grace, all of the other mentors, and all of you!” - V.L. 

Ok, sounds interesting - but how exactly? 

Great question. 

The PATH uses This Naked Mind methodology to work not only on your behaviors, but, much more importantly, on the subconscious conditioning and neural connections that keep you stuck. 

That's why people report that it feels like a magic trick. 

Ok, Honesty Day.

I want to tell you something that might be a bit controversial. 

Most programs stop with the behavior. As long as you are doing the right thing (like not drinking) it doesn’t matter how you feel about it. 

That always felt wrong to me! 
  • When I was drinking, I saw people stop, but they weren’t happy.
  • ​In fact, they still felt consumed by alcohol - going to meetings about it, spending so much time and energy not doing it. It didn’t look like freedom.
  • ​And that is where most programs stop… with the behavior.
The PATH by This Naked Mind works on more than just your behavior. 

We dive into the root of all behavior = desire

Here is the truth.

Over the long term, we humans only do what we feel like doing. 

But wait, you say! I know that's not true. I go to the dentist and I don’t feel like it

You are right. 
We can exert willpower and do things we don’t want to do. 


It takes effort. 
It takes energy. 
It often makes us super grumpy. 
(I remember if it was my night to be the designated driver, I was grumpy all night trying not to drink!) 

It isn’t fun. 

It certainly doesn’t feel like freedom.

And most of the time? The truth? 

It doesn’t last. 

Willpower runs out. 
Willpower can get spread too thin - if you use all your willpower trying not to yell at your kids, or paying attention in a boring work meeting - you have less of it when 5pm comes and you are trying to drink an Iced Tea instead of alcohol. 

Willpower can get you to do something - but not joyfully. 
Not fully ALIVE. 

To become FREE, we must go beyond the behavior. 
We must address the feelings

Do you remember learning to drive? 

It was hard at first, and took a lot of focus. But now you can drive to work without even remembering it. 
The entire process of driving has become entirely subconscious

And there - in your subconscious - lies the secret. 

What if not drinking was effortless? 

Meaning without thought, just EASY. As if you had never had a drink? 

Sound impossible? 

It’s not. In fact, it’s happened for hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. 

There is a PATH to that type of freedom. A PATH available to you for a limited time only. Doors are closing soon...

To true Mastery over alcohol 
(mastery meaning - effortless enjoyment of your new habits, your new way of being). 

A PATH to being fully ALIVE. 
And FREE. 

Full of Joy and Peace without rules, pain, cravings, or missing out. 

It is a proven PATH many have traveled.

A PATH now customized specifically for you. 

Would you like to know exactly what makes this program so different from anything you have tried before? 

It is this: 


At this stage: 
  • We are unaware. 
  • ​We don’t know what we don’t know 
  • ​We are unconscious of the problem (it has not yet made itself known) and we are incapable of doing anything about it.
In my life, being ASLEEP sounded like this: 

“Things just kinda suck. I am always anxious, always tired, often upset and short tempered, but I don’t really know why. At least I have my wine.” 

When we are ASLEEP we don’t even realize alcohol is the problem. 

Then something happens and we move to… 


And being AWARE hurts. A lot. 

In fact, that might be where you are right now, as you read these words. 

At this stage: 
  • Our primary feeling is “Oh, S%*#T!” Why?”. Because we’ve just realized alcohol is a problem, but we also feel like it’s our best friend, the very thing keeping our lives together. 
  • ​We are now conscious of the problem, but still incapable to do anything to fix it.
  • ​We may try lots of things to fix it, and when they don’t work, we feel more discouraged than ever. 
Often, we spend years in this phase. I know I did. I actually just did a survey of a few people who have been through The PATH and are now happily free from alcohol. The average was 6 years, some had 7 or 8 years of trying, and one woman had been working on her drinking for fifteen years before finding freedom. 

15 years! 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that. 

I wanted to get in control, NOW

Be happy NOW. 

Start living my true, happiest, most authentic life, NOW. 

This stage, AWARE, is where you (hopefully) join The PATH. 

This is where you (hopefully) join The PATH. 

On The PATH we enter the next stage...


At this stage: 
  • We put down the weapons of shame and blame (and at first we keep drinking! We get off the crazy cycle of broken promises and let ourselves off the hook).
  • ​We allow ourselves to heal.
  • ​We get curious about alcohol - we may even start to time how long a drink makes us feel good.
  • ​We start to learn - all the science.
  • ​We begin to recondition our subconscious.
  • ​Our beliefs start to change. Our desires start to change.
  • ​We get our faith back in ourselves, and our decision making ability.
  • ​We start to use the front of the brain (the prefrontal cortex) again. *That’s why aware is where it is in the graphic*
  • ​We are now conscious of the problem AND we begin to be capable of fixing it.
This is a glorious stage. There is so much hope. You are awake. You are proud of yourself. You are making incredible decisions. 

And this is where most programs stop. 

Job done. 
Behavior changed. 
Hope restored. 

But this is not true FREEDOM… 

We must keep going!
We haven’t gotten to the best part yet. 

We haven’t gotten to the MAGIC. 

That comes next, when we become... 


ALIVE is Mastery over alcohol. It is effortless enjoyment of your new change

It is when your neural pathways have actually repatterned themselves (yes this REALLY happens, and we go DEEP into the science on how!). 

And not drinking is not only easy - but it requires NO CONSCIOUS EFFORT AT ALL. 

This is where:
  • You have actually changed the very structure of your brain so that alcohol is truly small and irrelevant.
  • ​You can take it or leave it.
  • ​All the time, energy, and emotion that you were spending on drinking (or not-drinking) is freed up - for you to LIVE and be FULLY ALIVE.
  • ​The entire world is your oyster - you have arrived. You are FREE.
  • ​This is where you are capable. But that capability has now, again, become unconscious. (As effortless as walking, or driving).
This is TRUE freedom. 

This is the goal of The Path by This Naked Mind

We rely on neuroscience. 
And comprehensive behavioral change and group dynamic tools. 
And we don’t stop at the behavior… we only stop where there is true freedom. 

MASTERY - Effortless enjoyment of your new way of life. 
True repatterning of your subconscious and your physical neural pathways. 

That is what makes us different.

“Ok, Annie - I admit it, what I’ve been doing hasn’t been working. And I am ready for a new approach. I’m intrigued - this certainly sounds different than anything I’ve ever heard of!’ 

So what is the investment and what do I get when I join?” 

So glad you asked! 

The PATH by This Naked Mind is your journey from where you are now to true Mastery over alcohol. 

We’ve done extensive research on the brain's ability to change, form new habits and group dynamics. 

This program is 5-years in the making and is world-class in its ability to bring you from where you are (pain, guilt and uncertainty) to where you want to be (free and effortlessly enjoying your beautiful life! 

I’ve involved neuroscientists, MDs, PhDs, best selling experts and authors, physiatrists, therapists, as well as my own extensive research. 

As a result, this groundbreaking membership is built on 4-key pillars of lasting, transformational change. 





Each pillar is backed by the latest psychology and neuroscience.


But, here is the deal… The PATH is not for everyone. 

In fact, if you are not yet serious about changing your drinking (forever), ready to invest your time and attention into an intensive and comprehensive program, The PATH is not for you. 

And that’s OK! 

In fact, if you are reading this, and realizing this is not for you, or not for you yet, I would love for you to explore our other programs. 

The PATH is where the rubber hits the road. 

Where you realize you are ready. 

Excited even about the possibility of living a life different than the one you are living now. 

The PATH works. But it takes time

Not six years, or fifteen years. But time. 

The PATH is a Year-Long Program. 

I know, that sounds like a lot. A looooonnnggg time. 

But how much time have you put into this already? 

How many regrets? 
How much physical distress? 
How much emotion? 
How many circular, miserable thoughts? 

Aren’t you ready to be free? Isn’t that worth it? 

And the best part? 

You will start seeing changes right away! 

Most PATH members stop drinking entirely about 4 months in. And then they go from their behavior changed (stopping drinking) to their mindset changing (being truly free and happy about it after that). 

It is such a gift. 

I’ve spent 5 years working on the exact method… that will work for the most number of people. 

In fact, the first two years we ran The PATH, over 75% of participants were solidly, happily free from alcohol. 

That doesn’t just mean they were no longer drinking (again, that is where most programs stop), it means they were actually happy about their decision. 

They were no longer efforting. 

Change was effortless. 

Alcohol now holds the same emotional charge as a glass of motor oil. 

You just don’t want it. 

And it is sooooo easy not to drink something you don’t even desire. 

Ok, Annie. Tell Me More.

Once you join The PATH, Self Guided Program, you are given access to the majority of our CONTENT. 

Over the years, Annie Grace & This Naked Mind have created video courses, trainings, masterclasses and programs that have changed relationships with alcohol forever. These have been sold separately, with a combined value (what they were actually sold for!) of over $3,200!

CONTENT is vital. It is the information that speaks not only to your conscious, but your subconscious - rewiring and repatterning it for effortless freedom from alcohol.  

The CONTENT is kinda like a reset button, restoring your drinking settings to their default (you know like when you were a kid: you didn’t drink and you didn’t need alcohol to have fun or relax). 
But of course - just the CONTENT can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start… 

Our This Naked Mind Certified Coaches have walked This PATH before. 

Not only do they provide guidance via Daily Breakthrough Coaching Sessions, they are available to answer questions and make suggestions inside of our PATH Community.

Our coaches and your peers in the PATH will hold you accountable for being gentle with yourself - no matter how many tries it takes. They hold you accountable to re-frame every slip as a simple data point to learn from.  

They hold you accountable to showing up. But they will NEVER shame or blame you for drinking.  

We have had enough of that already!

And science says it doesn't work! 

(If it did we would have changed already… because I don’t know about you, but blame, shame, and guilt against myself were my MAIN tools to try and change before I discovered This PATH.) 

This is a Grace-Based,
Compassion-Led journey. 

(Why? Because science says that is what truly works over the long term!) 

We know coaching is incredibly valuable because a coach holds you accountable to putting down those weapons of blame and shame that have eroded your self-confidence and your self-worth and have kept you stuck.
(Because after all, what do we drinkers do when we feel bad? Yep! We drink more!) 

In The PATH, we also have a Coach Guided option (enrollment is not currently open for new members) where a COACH guides a group through The PATH in a way that is tailored for their success - but we know that even if you plan to pace yourself, and guide yourself through this journey, everyone who joins The PATH should get access to some coaching!

Inside The PATH, we coach in a way that gives you quick results - with a big dose of fun and love along the way. 

Sometimes, on this journey, things come up:
  • You get stuck
  • ​You have a vacation / happy hour / big social event you don’t know how to handle
  • ​You have a craving that comes out of nowhere and is overpowering
  • ​You have a question, and it’s burning a hole in your mind because it is so important
And you need an answer today. 

I know how this journey goes. 
And I know some things just can’t wait! 

That’s why we’ve set up the Daily Live Breakthrough Coaching - every single day within The PATH. 

(Currently, there are over 20 This Naked Mind Certified Coaches within The PATH Community who are all dedicated to YOUR success.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This coaching is not to overwhelm you - and while you are certainly welcome to attend every one - that is not necessary. This is an additional service to make sure you get your breakthroughs exactly when you need them. 
That brings us to COMMUNITY.

Science shows us that the right COMMUNITY, while not necessary for change, not only facilitates change, but speeds up the change..

We’ve strategically set The PATH up to maximize the effect of COMMUNITY in your journey. 

Here’s how: 
  • As we know from Sir Roger Bannister breaking the 4-min mile, once we see something is possible, it stops being impossible. And then, with repetition, it even becomes possible for us.
  • By engaging COMMUNITY where people are, right in front of your eyes, achieving the results you want, you (and specifically your subconscious mind) will start to believe how freedom and happiness are possible for you.
“Still can't believe I've made it 100 days AF. I always thought I'd celebrate it by having drink. Amazingly enough, I have no desire to! By no means has this been an easy road - but a journey I'm happy I started. I'm so grateful to this community, and everyone here- Your posts and support continue to keep me going!” - Jeff B.
And the final pillar of The PATH is - CONNECTION

We know that true CONNECTION, where people know each other's name and build long lasting relationships, are vital to change. 

True lasting relationships that are facilitated in smaller groups, peer-to-peer sharing, and CONNECTION will happen within the PATH in a variety of ways: 
  • In The PATH community, everyone is on their own personal journey, yet working toward shared goals through our content, connection and community. 
  • ​Very soon (we hope) in real life, face-to-face connection and meetup opportunities we plan to facilitate around the globe.
  • ​Finally, we know that true Mastery comes from paying it forward, teaching and helping others. At some stage during your journey, if you choose, we have set up The PATH to where you can cement your changes through CONNECTING with and helping others. It is the most satisfying work. I know it might be hard for you to believe, but there is a good chance with this system that you could be there before you know it.

Here is everything The PATH,
Self Guided Program includes: 

  • Daily Breakthrough Coaching - Daily Live Streams ($1,663 USD Value)
  • ​​The PATH Community - Showing you every day that this is possible ($197 USD Value)
  • ​​Regular peer-to-peer connection calls (via Zoom). Connect with other Path members. ($397 USD Value) 
That is a value of $2,257 USD, and I haven’t even started on the FREE bonuses! 

I want to make this offer irresistible, so I am throwing in so much additional content!

Why? Because:
  • I know you find this hard to believe. 
  • ​I know you are afraid. 
  • ​I know you have tried things (possibly many things) in the past, and have been disappointed. 
  • ​I know there is a lot of corruption, and people who want to take your money, but don’t really have answers or solutions. 
We spend far too long asking ‘what if this doesn’t work?’. I want to pull out all the stops so that you can start to ask the magical question ‘what if this does?’

When you join, and become a member of this incredible program, you’ll get Limited Access to my collection of content in The Vault.

You get access to:
  • Naked Mind Intensive Video Course ($997 USD when purchased separately)
  • ​​100 Days of Lasting Change ($197 when purchased separately)
  • 2018 & 2019 TNM Live Event Digital Tickets - Professionally Recorded ($397 when purchased separately) 
  • Helping A Loved One Course - a special course for your partner during your time in The PATH ($297 Value) 
  • The rest of The Vault! Access to Annie’s ENTIRE Library of Online Content - including new content as it is created! ($1,997 Value)
That brings the total value of The PATH, Self Guided Program to a whopping = $6,142! 

And you can join for just $97 USD per month. This is the last time you’ll be able to get access to The PATH at this price. We’re closing the doors on June 11th and we don’t know when we’ll be opening them again!

Or, if you pay up front, you can save $167 (that is almost two full months free!) on the program.
That is about $3.00 /day!

If you are anything like me, that was certainly much less than alcohol was costing me every day! 

In fact, I surveyed our prior group-coaching members and the average member was spending $17 / day on alcohol. 

Looks like The PATH is actually going to SAVE YOU over $400 every month ;) 

I want you to be as sure as I am that the PATH will work for you.

Because I get it

I know how it feels when the only good thing in your day seems to be pouring that drink. 

How is it possible that you will ever feel like you don’t want to drink? And I’m even going further and saying you will be happy about it!? What?! 

You can be as skeptical as you want - and that’s ok! 
You don’t need to believe this will work for it to work
Be committed. 

This is an incredible, breakthrough program. 

There is nothing like it on the planet, seriously. 

But without your deep commitment, your showing up, it just won’t work. 

So again, if this is more than you are ready for right now - that is totally OK. 

I get it.

But if you are sick of being sick and tired. 
Ready for true and lasting change, and more importantly: freedom. 

If you know that you are meant for more, but have not been able to get traction on your own. 

Then this is for you. 

I remember looking around my life and wondering how can I be smart and in control over everything - EXCEPT THIS! 

How could this fermented liquid in a glass have such a hold over my mind and heart? 

How could I feel so hopeless, and miserable, when my life outwardly seemed so good? 

How many more memories, moments with my children, days, evenings, mornings, would I let alcohol steal for me? 

If you are ready to be DONE WITH THAT than this is for you.  

And I can’t wait to see you inside. 

Give this a chance, it could be exactly what you are looking for.

And I am willing to bet that pretty soon the only question you will be asking is: “why didn’t I do this sooner?”. Just like these people:
“Drinking Days: Bloated, Wrinkly, Dehydrated, Tired, Swollen eyes. Unexplained rashes, Headaches, Cranky, Poor Sleep, Mood Swings, Forgetful, Obsessed with thoughts of drinking. Short fuse with my teenagers. Unproductive at work. Teenagers sneaking my alcohol. Spending $10+ a day on wine. Picking needless fights with boyfriend. Going to work with a hangover. I was severely hungover in this picture. Miserable. 

Now: Fabulous sleep. Better skin. Brighter eyes. Less wrinkly. Even moods. No bloat. Lost a few pounds. No rashes. No headaches. Well rested. Younger looking. More patient. Great memory. More productive. Closer relationship with my kids. More money in my bank account. Not a single fight with my boyfriend. Kids aren't sneaking alcohol. Absolute freedom. Why didn't I do this sooner?” -Cris P.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I am already alcohol free, but still think about drinking?
Yes, if you’re still thinking about drinking, The PATH is for you. Most programs stop at changing the behavior, and that’s great, but there’s so much more than just changing the behavior. 

True freedom lies in the subconscious conditioning around the behavior. This is where you finally feel like you aren’t missing out and you won’t even think about alcohol anymore. 

We don’t stop until there is no longer a mental or emotional struggle around alcohol. That is what makes The PATH so different.

Most people stop drinking within just a few months of starting The PATH, which is amazing! (And if you are already alcohol free that is great!) 

Then we focus on moving from AWAKE (no longer doing the behavior), to becoming  truly ALIVE, where not drinking is effortless

Just as easy as riding a bike. It takes no brain power at all and you are truly happy about it!! 
Why a year? That seems so long? And what if I join and discover it is not for me?
This is a REALLY important question. Please watch this video for a really important answer.
What if I can’t afford it?
It’s true that you are more invested when you pay for something. Whatever you’re paying for regularly, you give your time to. I believe you’ll show up, watch the videos, and do the work by investing in yourself. This program is $3.00/day. In a survey done in one of our previous programs, the average person was spending between $17/day on alcohol. So, in some ways this program is actually saving you over $400 per month! Another way to look at this is that you are getting 30 LIVE coaching sessions for $97 per month - that is just over $3.00 / session. Not to mention all the other value. There is not a better value out there if you are truly ready to change your relationship with alcohol. 
I’ve tried everything, I don’t think this will work for me?
Being unsure or skeptical actually has nothing to do with the results you’re going to get. 

We think we have to know something works before we take the first step, but all we really need is to have faith and begin. I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but I can promise you that it has worked for many other people. The information is based in science - it’s just true, and not like anything you’ve ever tried before. 

I want you to get inside The PATH and see it for yourself! Log in, access our community and content, engage with the daily breakthrough coaching sessions and make yourself comfortable!

We have a 14 day refund policy. So if you try it out and truly don't think The PATH can work for you, simply let us know within the first 14 days and we will offer a full refund.  
What is the commitment involved?
The Self-Guided PATH is a year-long program. 

Did you know according to Molly Carmel, LCSW, the average time someone takes to stop drinking once they start trying to stop drinking is 6 years? 

If you’re serious about quitting drinking, this is your best chance to achieve it within a year. Not to mention, we recommend having support for a full calendar year to get you through the tough times and experiences you’ll go through as you do this work. Although many programs stop after the behavior is changed, we don’t stop until our desire to engage in the behavior is changed. We understand a year is a big commitment and we know you deserve to stay committed to lasting change for yourself and your life.

The daily commitment is between 6 and 20 minutes (or you can get lost in this incredible community and the bonus content for hours!). But plan on spending at least a few minutes a day engaging with the content. 
How Long Do I Have Access to the Content?
As long as you are an active member inside the PATH, you will have access to the content! Once your membership period ends, you will be removed from the membership area. 
How is this different from the Intensive?
The Intensive is wrapped into The PATH by This Naked Mind. You get access to the Naked Mind Intensive material, plus so much more and at a much more affordable price point!
When are the Daily Breakthrough Coaching Sessions?
One of our This Naked Mind Certified Coaches goes live every day in the Path Community to answer questions and provide encouragement and support. The times of these sessions vary in order to accommodate as many time zones as possible. You will be able to see the full schedule inside The PATH Community as soon as you login.
I’m worried about privacy, is this on Facebook?
We take your privacy very seriously and so we’ve invested in an off-facebook platform called Workplace. This platform is actually created by Facebook, so it has all the same great functionality, but since it is in a separate app, separate website, and separate login (one that you create specifically for this program) you can be as private as you would like. You won’t have to worry about: accidentally posting on your main page, your friends and family seeing that you are part of The PATH, or other members seeing personal information you would rather keep private. It is a great solution - where we have even better features, but again maintain your privacy. In fact, if you want to join under a pseudonym to ensure anonymity you are welcome to do so as you can set up your name in the Community to anything you would like.
What is your refund policy?
Our refund policy is simple. If you don’t think The PATH is for you, within the first 14 days, simply let us know and we will offer a full refund. After that you are making a year-long commitment to your health, wellness, freedom and happiness. 

Are you still with me? Awesome! 

If you are curious, but not yet sure this is for you, here is the thing… 
Just like I want to help you make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life, I want to make this program unnecessary in your life. 

I want to ensure that you get what you need, to feel good, comfortable and free, AND that you don’t spend your life thinking about all the alcohol you are not drinking.

I created this as a membership that you can join and leave as soon as you are ready so that you can go ahead and get on with your incredible life! 

Some people change everything in just a few months. 
Others take longer. And that's O.K. 

We commit for a year so that you have the full support for every new experience. 

Did you know the first time you try something new, alcohol free, it can be difficult? But once you do it one time, it becomes so much easier and before long it is truly effortless? 

The PATH is designed strategically, not only do we provide you with an entire year of content to ensure your success, but we are with you through every new calendar event. 

Birthday? We got you. 
First Happy Hour? Or Play Date? We are with you. 
Christmas? We’re here. 
Vacation? Yep, you have all the support you need. 
New years? You get the picture. We are with you every step of the way to maximize your success. 

Are you ready for more details - specifically about how The PATH by This Naked Mind works?

Great… let’s get into it.
The PATH is a 4 step process that is science-based and compassion-led. 

In fact, the grace and compassion you will feel as part of The Path is 100% based in science (hint: compassion is truly the way to faster, more effective, and longer lasting change). 

The unique combination of grace and science create a revolutionary approach that does one thing better than any other program in the world - give you the power. 





The PATH begins with ‘P’ - PAUSE. 

In this first step, you stop trying to stop drinking.

You heard me right. If you are drinking, you KEEP DRINKING when you join The PATH.  

“What?! Annie, that makes ZERO sense? I thought the whole program was aimed to drink less or quit drinking!?” 

Great Question! 

So how does the idea of continuing to drink as you join The PATH make any sense? 

If you are anything like me, here's what you’ve probably been doing:
  • Making rules for yourself, like no drinking until Thursday, or Friday, or 5pm, or maybe noon during this Coronavirus… and breaking every rule. 
  • ​Trying to put limits on your drinking, like only 2 drinks, or maybe 3….and smashing all the limits. Waking up the next morning wondering what happened? And why?
  • ​Promising that, today, things are going to change and quitting… again… and making it a day… or a few days or maybe even a few months… but then something super stressful happens (like maybe a global pandemic!?) and boom. Drinking again.
I know this story because it was my story.
And to get out of that terrible cycle, a cycle where I no longer trusted myself, where I couldn’t even look in the mirror because of how disappointed I was in my behavior, I had to let myself off the hook. 
I had to put down the weapons of shame and blame. 
I had to start asking a new question: Why am I doing this anyway?
Why, when everything else in my life seems to make sense, when I feel so strong and smart, why don’t I have any control when it comes to drinking? 

I had to STOP asking what was wrong with me. 
And start asking WHY. 
And I couldn’t do that when I was constantly beating myself up for drinking. 

I had to get off the insane cycle of drink-shame-blame-pain-promises-drink that had been consuming my life. 

I had to start something new. 

And that started with a PAUSE. 

Pause on the cycle of broken promises and self-loathing. 
Pause on the blame. Pause on the shame. 

I had to let some GRACE in. Some self-compassion.
I will teach you all about that, the key is understanding the science. 

Understanding that no matter how bad this is:
It is not your fault.
In fact, your brain has been doing exactly what it is designed to do. 
(We get into all these details, and you are truly able to let yourself off the hook) 

During the pause you begin to realize:
You have been doing the best you can with the tools you have… 
And now?
It’s time for some new tools!
Ok, so you get the PAUSE? What’s next, because we want change after all.
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The next step is ‘A’ - ACT

ACT is an incredible technique I’ve developed that accesses your subconscious to actually transform your beliefs (and desires) around alcohol. 

It’s kinda like being able to have a look at the computer code that is creating your habits and desires and delete what is not serving you and insert what you truly want. 

I know, sounds too good to be true! It’s not:
“This has been really amazing. As a therapist I already knew a lot about the science but the connection and the honesty and the sharing in the community has been freeing. Magical. There is no other word I can use to describe it.

The program applies to me even though I don’t feel like I am an alcoholic, and it is accessible; Open, and without shame. It’s been a way to look at the habits that are keeping us from being wide awake and enjoying our lives and feeling true joy. 

I’ve learned that by numbing out on one end you rob yourself of joy on the other end. 

Thank you Annie Grace!” - Donna 
This is the bulk of your first few months in The PATH. You’ll literally rewire your brain when it comes to drinking. 

What does this mean? 
  • It means you find freedom - without pain, without rules, and without missing out. 
  • It means that you keep your promises, both to yourself and to the people you love.
  • ​It means that you start to trust yourself again.
  • ​It means that you end the internal battles - and that your desires are finally in line with your actions.
Instead of what's currently happening: 
Both wanting to drink both more AND less at the same time… I mean how painful is that!? 

ACT is the mindset shift. 

This is where the MAGIC happens. Where we literally repattern your subconscious conditioning around alcohol. 

And you stay here for as long, or as short, as you need (always supported by your coach and your incredible group!) in order to truly move from the pain you are in now to a place of total freedom around alcohol. 

Next, you are ready for step three: ‘T’ - TRANSFORM

Transform is where you decide to take the next step, and regain control. 

You do this at your own pace. With your own rules. We have lots of guidance and we will be with you every step of the way, but the beauty of TRANSFORM is that it is led by you

One thing this cycle of drinking, and shame and blame leads to, is losing touch with our inner voice, our own wisdom. 

Well, by this stage, once you’ve put down the tools of shame and blame and dug deep into the education and understanding that ACT provides you can hear this voice again.  

The truth is: 


I will show you how this is true, even if you’ve forgotten it. And how this can change your entire life for the better. 


You make your plan, joyfully. 
You make your plan with anticipation rather than fear. 
You make a plan you know you can win no matter what that plan looks like. 

Once your plan is made we move on to ‘H’ - HONE

HONE is where the PATH Community rallies together with you for your success. 

HONE is where you learn the art of forgiveness, and healing, over and over again. 

HONE is the key. 
  • Where you find freedom
  • ​Where you reconnect with you.
  • ​Where you find joy.
  • ​Where you find life.
HONE is where you come fully ALIVE. 
Where you achieve MASTERY over alcohol. 

Is this right for me?

The PATH by This Naked Mind is perfect for you if…
  • You’re of two minds about drinking -- you both want to drink less but also feel like something is missing whenever you abstain.
  • ​You're wondering if alcohol is taking more from you than it's giving back?
  • You’ve tried to quit before (possibly many times) by using willpower. And it didn’t work - which makes you feel frustrated, weak, and defeated around alcohol.
  • ​​You try to drink less but find that life is super stressful lately.
  • ​​You have a love/hate relationship with alcohol. You set drinking limits in the morning and then blow right by them once happy hour rolls around.
  • ​​You’re drinking more than you ever wanted to, without ever making a choice to do so.
  • ​​You can go a few days without alcohol but it feels miserable, like you’re being deprived of something important.
  • ​​You are ready to regain complete control over your drinking habits, your life, your health, your happiness, and your freedom.
  • ​You’re looking forward to feeling great on a Saturday night and feeling even better on Sunday morning.
  • ​​You no longer drink but you still miss it, think about it and are truly ready for it to be small and irrelevant in your life.
  • ​You are ready for the commitment. Not because you are actually ready but because you are just so sick and tired of how things have been and you know somewhere inside of you that this one decision might just change EVERYTHING.

Ok! Phew. That’s all I got.

I hope you join. 
(And funny story, I literally have ace bandages on my wrists from writing all this to you… true story - and here is a picture. I do know now that I need an ergonomic keyboard, and it’s on order!) 
Now is your last chance to get access to this life changing program for only $97/month.
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I can’t wait for you to discover the magic of The PATH by This Naked Mind. Enrollment closes on June 11th.

Important Note:
This Naked Mind is not for you if...

You have a strong physical addiction to alcohol, and find yourself becoming physically ill or suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms whenever you cut back or abstain -- such as delirium tremens or hallucinations.

If this is you and you are truly physically addicted to alcohol, this course may help with your emotional and psychological addiction by adjusting your perspective and your relationship with alcohol, helping to erase your desires to drink, but is not a supplement for making sure you stay healthy through the process.

If you are physically addicted, please consult your doctor to receive medical assistance through the detoxification process. Your health is critical to your success!

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