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If you are ready to make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life for the last time, this is for you. 
Here is everything
The PATH, Self Guided Program includes: 
  • Daily Breakthrough Coaching - Daily Live Streams ($1,663 USD Value)
  • The PATH Community - Showing you every day that this is possible ($197 USD Value) 
  • ​Regular peer-to-peer connection calls (via Zoom). Connect with other Path members. ($397 USD Value) 
That is a value of $2,257, and I haven’t even started on the FREE bonuses!
You also get access to:
  • The Naked Mind Intensive Video Course ($997 USD when purchased separately) 
  • The Alcohol Experiment Content (Daily videos) ($47/month Value)
  • 100 Days of Lasting Change ($197 when purchased separately)
  • The Vault! Limited Access, Including new content.
    ($1,997 Value)
That brings the total value of
The PATH, Self Guided Program to a whopping =
 $6,142 USD! 
And you can join for just $97 USD per month - for a limited time only! We’re closing enrollment indefinitely.
Or, if you pay up front, you can save $167 (that is almost two full months free!) on the program. 
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget The PATH is a commitment. If you’re curious about why it’s an annual commitment, please watch this video to understand why the commitment is vital.
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This is truly your decision. 

Only you know if you have had enough. 

If staying the same is no longer an option. 

If you don’t want to waste another day, sunrise, family dinner, in a stupor feeling out of control and hating yourself for it. 

How long? 

For me, I knew I had to change. And my journey, beyond changing my behavior (simply stopping drinking) but to true freedom and happiness - effortlessly changing - is exactly how I created The PATH. 

It was a year-long journey for me. And at the end of it, I walked out of my office and told my husband simply: 

“If you want to drink with me again, tonight is the night, because after this, I think I’m done.” 

(He was shocked! And to be honest didn’t really believe me). 

But that moment changed everything… and after years of trying to change my behavior through rules, and blame, and shame. And self loathing. 

I finally changed everything, easily, effortlessly. 

Through self-compassion.  
And Science. 

And I believe the journey, The PATH, I took can work for you as well (as it has now worked for thousands of people all across the globe). 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. 

Today just might be the first day of the rest of your life.
Here’s what people have had to say about This Naked Mind
So many failed attempts at being AF (alcohol-free) until I found this!! I feel so encouraged by all of you. I went to a party last night and most everyone was drinking but I focused on the food, the conversations, the dancing and had a GREAT time. AND I remember the whole night. Haven’t done that in ages. I feel stronger than I ever have. Thank you!!
- B.C., Boston
“Annie Grace’s online course is worth every penny. I go back to it just about every week. I think people are looking for ways to learn at home and I’m extremely thankful to be able to do so. I can completely understand why her work is being so well received and I hope she keeps leading the way. Thank you Annie Grace.
- J.L., Canada 
“My life has changed so much. The material changed my whole relationship with alcohol. Not a little… a lot. 

I’ve found a beautiful, happy, peaceful, joyful Stella. Its impacted all my relationships, my work, my colleagues. 

Even my husband has now been alcohol free for 19 days - just out of curiosity about what I was doing. It’s incredible. 

Thank you! "
"Hi Annie –

I feel amazing, empowered and focused. Thanks to you for helping me unlock my potential.

I will continue to refer back to the lessons from time to time as they reaffirm my new beliefs and lifestyle. 

I'm digging in, doing all the things I've wanted to do for years (yoga, meditation) only before I figured I'd just have a glass of wine instead - 'I'll exercise tomorrow...' You know the drill. So thrilled to no longer be in that trap. 

Thank you!”

Brad M. New York
Join Today for Just $97 USD per month!
Or, if you pay up front, you can save $167 (that is almost two full months free!) on the program. 

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