Sick of doing this alone, and ready for alcohol to be a thing of the past -
or ready for the next thing in this incredible journey to be your best self, I want you to know…
 Sick of doing this alone, and ready for alcohol to be a thing of the past -
or ready for the next thing in this incredible journey to be your best self, I want you to know…
Your Moment
is NOW!
Your Moment is NOW!
Whether you missed This Naked Mind Live 2019 in Denver, OR you were there and want to revisit it - don’t worry! - there’s still an opportunity for you to get access to this life changing material. 
I’ve created an HD Digital Recording of the entire event. 
This is The Time. This is The Place. 
This is The Time.
This is The Place. 
You Have The Power!
I know you can’t imagine. 

Maybe you’re wondering how in the world two days of presentations can truly change your life?

Maybe you aren’t sure… 
But maybe you don’t have anything to lose. 
I know you can’t imagine. 

Maybe you’re wondering how in the world two days of presentations can truly change your life?

Maybe you aren’t sure… 
But maybe you don’t have anything to lose. 
What if this is the key to regain control? To get back in the driver's seat in your life?
The key to finding happiness and joy that currently feels so far away? 
Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?

I can tell you, this event was truly life-changing for every single attendee and speaker who was there! And I want you to get the same experience. 
What will you discover?
I’m so glad you asked!
  • Why there has never been a better time in history to look at your drinking, and how to make it easier and more fun than you could imagine!
  • The 3-step process to reveal and change the subconscious conditioning that is holding you back and keeping you stuck. 
  • Why you should embrace, and not run from your emotions, and how they can teach you more than anything, as long as you harness them in the right way.
  • How to heal one of the greatest sources of pain in your life; the inner conflict you don’t realize exists.
  • Why you can know everything you need to know yet still act in ways you don’t like - and a proven process to overcome.
  • The true, behind the scenes, story of This Naked Mind and how it’s gone from a messy set of journals to a global media phenomenon that is changing the culture around alcohol.
  • A simple technique that helps you “re-pattern” your brain and find freedom in seconds (from things that have been keeping you stuck for decades!).
  • How to master your happiness, and truly design the life you want to live - without self medication.
  • What ‘social anxiety’ really is and how to be free from it forever.
Annie Grace
Annie Grace
Since writing This Naked Mind, Annie has been asked how to apply the Naked Mind process to all sorts of other things; stress, sugar addiction, depression, loneliness, other substances and so much more. Annie knew there was a way to do this and has spent the better part of two years distilling the process into a method that can be used to find freedom from anything holding you back - whether it is a painful thought or an actual addiction. This process, called ACT, will be revealed and taught for the first time ever at This Naked Mind live it is something that will change your life and that you don’t want to miss. 

Annie Grace is the bestselling author of This Naked Mind and the creator of The Alcohol Experiment. She has been featured globally in media such as Forbes, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, The Guardian, and ABC for her revolutionary work in craving, addiction and habit change.
Scott Pinyard
Scott Pinyard
Scott brings power and presence to This Naked Mind. He is the lead coach for all This Naked Mind programs and has a wealth of information and experience in exactly what you are going through. If you have a question, chances are, Scott has the answer. He gives practical and empowering tools to get back in the driver's seat - both in your relationship with alcohol and anything else that is holding you back. 

Scott guides you to understand your thoughts, fears, and beliefs that stop you from creating change. 
Carly Benson
Carly Benson
Carly Benson is a teacher, speaker, coach and the founder of MiraclesAreBrewing.com where she offers recovery coaching programs to help people quit drinking using a holistic, systematic approach. She has delivered her talk The Art of Intentional Living around the world and also curates Om Vibes Only, which are alcohol free events inspiring conscious connection through the modalities of yoga, electronic music and meditation.

She works as Certified Life Coach and Yoga Instructor specializing in Sobriety Coaching and has been sober from alcohol and cocaine since August 17, 2008. Carly has also trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy with The Beck Institute, and is a This Naked Mind Certified Coach, which she implements into her practice.

Her passionate charge with this work to come alongside others to help them find their own unique paths, to understand that sober is not boring and to create lives they don’t want to escape from.
Jolene Park
Jolene Park
Jolene Park is a functional nutritionist, health coach and TEDx speaker. Since founding her consulting company, Healthy Discoveries® in 2001 and she has worked as a corporate wellness consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator.

Jolene coaches high achieving professionals who want to eliminate alcohol and sugar cravings and reduce their anxiety by using real food, high-quality nutrients and cutting-edge mind/body techniques.

In her TEDx talk about “Gray Area Drinking” she shares her personal alcohol and anxiety story and explains the importance of replenishing our neurotransmitters and nourishing our nervous systems in a comprehensive and consistent way.

Following the great impact of her TEDx talk and private coaching, Jolene founded GrayAreaDrinkers.com. This online hub is a place for gray area drinkers to get support, for former gray area drinkers to unite and for coaches to learn Jolene’s exclusive techniques.
Laura Willoughby
Laura Willoughby
Laura Willoughby MBE is co-founder of Club Soda, the Mindful Drinking Movement. Their aim is to create a world where nobody feels out of place for not drinking. Club Soda has individuals, drinks brands, and social spaces in its membership.

The inspiration for Club Soda comes from Laura’s experience of giving up drinking seven years ago. A campaigner at heart, with a background in movement building and politics, she realised that one of the big sticking points was a way to support people to take a self-guided journey to change their drinking.

Club Soda has over 40,000 individual members, have built a venue listing guide for mindful drinkers (clubsodaguide.com) and they run the worlds only Mindful Drinking Festival.
Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
Kelly Fitzgerald Junco
Kelly Fitzgerald Junco, who is in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder, has gained a voice through her popular blog, The Adventures of a Sober Señorita, and her viral post "7 Things I Learned During My Year Without Alcohol," that has been republished across the web and in 6 six different languages. She is a writer, Certified Life and Recovery Coach, and activist who seeks to create a culture of healing and judgment-free spaces where people feel seen and heard on their personal journeys of self-discovery.

Kelly currently facilitates a She Recovers Sharing Circle in Cape Coral, Florida, and is working on completing her memoir. Most recently, she joined This Naked Mind as Head of Marketing to develop and implement a cohesive and successful content strategy.
Simon Chapple
Simon Chapple
Simon Chapple is a This Naked Mind Certified Senior Coach and also the founder of www.besober.co.uk - which is fast becoming one of the largest sober groups on the internet.

Simon lives in the UK and has helped hundreds of people around the world change their relationship with alcohol by helping them claim back the power and take control of their lives. He offers a wealth of experience from his own personal journey with alcohol and brings his passion and enthusiasm for sobriety to This Naked Mind Live 2019.

When he's not writing for the Be Sober blog, coaching, or working in one of the sober groups he is involved with, Simon also runs a Digital Marketing Agency in the UK.
Still on The Fence?
Don’t take our word for it...
What else will you get by watching
This Naked Mind Live 2019?
  • The most vital component in lasting change. If this is missing from your life, change will be almost impossible. We will discover exactly what it is and how to harness its power for your personal goals.
  • Why the majority of positive change does not stick for the long term and exactly how you can make sure the changes you are making will.
  • The 7 vital steps you need to take when talking to anyone about alcohol. Steps that will lay a fertile ground for change, understanding and even stronger relationships.
  • The scientific phenomena behind “knowing better” but continuing to do it anyway. And exactly how to get out of the “I can’t believe I did that, I know better” trap.
  • How to create an atmosphere in your home, your workplace and your friendships that supports and encourages an alcohol free life. How to plant the seeds, gently and unobtrusively, to help loved ones who are stuck.
When you get your digital ticket today you will also get a digital copy of the life-changing Interactive Notebook that was handed out at the event. This notebook is packed with exercises designed to help you identify the barriers standing in your way, strategies to help you push through them, and inspiration to begin your journey toward a new life. 
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You feel discouraged or alone in your journey.
  • You appreciate online connections on the Naked Mind and Alcohol Experiment communities, and are looking for something deeper and more meaningful.
  • ​You are tired of the exhausting ‘Day 1’ cycle and are ready to break your patterns for good.
  • ​You struggle with consistency or need to recommit or re-energize your journey.
  • ​You are ready to up-level so much more than drinking and looking for the next steps in your journey.
  • ​You’ve tried everything but can’t seem to make it ‘stick’.
If so, you’re not alone. People around the world are struggling with these issues just like you. The presentations at This Naked Mind LIVE were developed to help you move past these obstacles and build the life you want. 

I want you to know that you can change your life. This Naked Mind LIVE will give you the insight you need to make progress. Order your Digital Ticket today to get motivated, get inspired and get going on making the change you want in your life. 
This is The Time. This is The Place. 
This is The Time.
This is The Place. 
You Have The Power!
Your moment is now.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this the whole program?
Yes! You’ll be able to experience the whole event, including the live coaching sessions right from your computer.
Will I be able to rewatch the videos?
Yes! These videos and the digital workbook will be yours to keep forever. You’ll have access to rewatch the entire program whenever and wherever you want. 
I know someone who could use this - would it make a good gift?
Absolutely! Many people have bought our products to help others on the journey. The Digital Ticket is no exception!
Is this material available anywhere else?
No - these presentations are only available through the This Naked Mind LIVE Digital Ticket.
How long are the videos?
The entire program contains two full days of presentations - there are over eleven hours of life changing presentations in total. Each presentation is presented as it’s own video to make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Here is why you should grab your HD Recordings of This Naked Mind LIVE Today:
We all have change we want to make. And it’s extremely common to feel overwhelmed and confused when we face the parts of our life we want to improve. There are so many questions: Where do I find the inspiration to get started? How do I build momentum? What do I do when I hit resistance? What happens if I fail? How do I make a commitment to transforming my life and actually stick with it in the long run?

So many of our obstacles to change come from the way we think about the problems we face. We want to move in a different direction, but after our initial enthusiasm wears off, old patterns reappear and we revert to our old ways. All of the presenters at This Naked Mind LIVE have been there - we’ve all felt stuck. We’re all presenting from experience and we want you to learn the information, ideas, and concepts that helped us grow out of our old ways and build the lives we wanted.

This material will help you identify the subconscious beliefs, negative thinking, and patterns that are holding you back. Let me, and the other presenters, give you the tools and motivation you need to get out of your old patterns and create a new life. 

Whether you want to finally move beyond alcohol, make major shifts in your life, or transform your perspective, the digital ticket is right for you. 

Are you ready to finally take the steps you know you need to improve your life? Are you ready to learn the techniques to identify and eliminate the thoughts that are holding you back?
"This Naked Mind Live 2019" Digital HD Recording
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