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Can Your Life Change In A Weekend?
The trick is to work with the mind, rather than against it.  So many things we do to create change go against the natural patterns of our mind. They ignore our deep human instincts and cravings, instead relying on willpower and effort to change. 
No Wonder We Stay Stuck! 
  •  If you are tired of being stuck, 
  •  Sick of doing this alone, 
  •  Ready to change in a way that works with the mind, 
  •  And excited to see how your entire world can change in just a weekend,
then This Naked Mind Live is for you
October 27th & 28th in Denver, Colorado 
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First, we’ll focus on forever changing your relationship with alcohol, but we’ll also learn how to do battle on anything in your life where you find cognitive dissonance or internal conflict.
I am going to show you the how to apply This Naked Mind to anything!

But that's not all…
The most important aspect to change is hope. 

Belief. Knowing you can. 

So often we have all the knowledge, all the tactics, but we can’t seem to change because part of our mind doesn’t believe we can. 

And we just don’t get it. We say things like: “Why did I do that? I know better!” 

But knowing alone is not always enough. 

And that is why This Naked Mind LIVE is so powerful. 

We will breakthrough just knowing into a real, transformational change. 

You will find hope. 

You will find belief. 

You will build lasting relationships and accountability that you can take back home.
What sets This Naked Mind LIVE apart?
No Judgment.
No Shame.
No Labels. 
You will never be judged -- no matter what your personal goals are. You will never be asked to take on a label or to declare yourself powerless.  

Instead you will learn how, between your ears, you have the most powerful tool in regaining control and freedom around alcohol - you just need to be shown how to use it and maybe even more importantly be allowed to veto all the crazy misinformation in society’s conversation around drinking!

Lasting Connections & Accountability.
You will leave with a small, tight-knit group of people to go forward and do life with. We’ll be setting up small groups that will be in touch in real life in order to hold each other up and provide the hope, love and support we all need.
We Work With The Mind,
Rather Than Against It.
Willpower can only get you so far… it runs out. Trying to deprive yourself of something you want makes it more important. Trying to ignore a craving gives it strength and power. These are some of the ways other methods work against the brain, actually making change harder. 

We’ll work with the mind, allowing change to be natural and wanted. You will start to build on wins and successes rather than broken promises and self-loathing.
Here is some of what you’ll discover and experience at This Naked Mind Live:
  •  How to maintain freedom and change when you are surrounded by alcohol, or in a relationship where your partner or spouse still drinks. 
  •  How to socialize Alcohol Free without being resentful and frustrated, while in fact enjoying yourself more and laughing louder than anyone there! 
  •  The 3 key reasons stress is actually your friend and the important mindset shift that, once understood, means that stress is no longer a trigger to drink. 
  •  5 tricks the alcohol industry uses to keep their pockets lined and millions of us stuck in the awful drinking cycle. 
  •  How to handle boredom, what exactly boredom means, why it can keep you drinking and how to understand and overcome boredom. 
  •  The 5 stages of change, what level you are at and how exactly to breakthrough to the next level. 
  •  How to fully reclaim your personal power against alcohol and effortlessly maintain it so that you’re completely free from the drinking cycle. 
  •  The truth about alcohol, why it’s so easy to become such a significant part of our lives, and why alcoholism is a disease that you probably don’t have.
  •  Why your conscious decision not to drink is undermined by your unconscious desire for alcohol, how those desires became unconscious in the first place, and how to reverse them so you have full control over your decisions again.
  •  Why excessive drinking is at an all-time record high, and why the social trends are keeping you stuck from day to day -- and how to ignore the subliminal messaging that’s being force-fed into your mind every day.
  •  The real reasons the alcohol industry spends so much money on marketing and advertising, and some of the sneaky tricks they’re using to make sure you stay stuck in your unconscious desires -- and how to set goals that stick to easily counteract the intense messaging you see in the world around you.
What are the dates?
Saturday, October 27, 2018 (Full Day)
Sunday, October 28, 2018 (Ends at 2:00 PM Mountain Time)
What is the venue?
Can my partner come?
Of course! And I have even provided a discount for that second ticket. Just choose the 2 ticket option at checkout.
I am trying to book travel, what times do I need to know about?
We will be kicking off first thing in the morning on Saturday, Oct 27th so try to arrive on the 26th in order to be ready. And we will be wrapping up midday on Sunday, Oct 28th so you should be able to fly out Sunday evening.
What is the best airport to fly into?
Denver International Airport (DEN) is located approximately 30 miles from the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center.
Can anyone attend?
Can I bring a guest?
Of course! And I have even provided a discount for that second ticket. Just choose the 2 ticket option at checkout.
Denver is high, should I worry about the altitude?
Altitude Sickness does not happen to everyone, but you can prepare in advance by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration is the main cause of altitude sickness so staying hydrated is key!
Ticket Information
One (1) Live Event Pass
$497 $697 ($200 USD Discount)
Two (2) Live Event Passes
$1394 $897 ($497 USD Discount)
Annie Grace
Annie didn’t want to live life in a daily battle for sobriety. To live a life avoiding temptation. She didn’t want her entire existence to revolve around alcohol. She wanted to take the power away from alcohol rather than make it a reward she was depriving herself of. She wanted freedom from alcohol. She wanted change. To find another way. And she did. Annie Grace authored; “This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness And Change Your Life.” 
Scott Pinyard
Scott provides one-on-one coaching to people wanting to change their relationship with alcohol. His personalized approach helps his clients analyze and change their drinking behavior by guiding them to understand the thoughts, fears, and beliefs that stop them from addressing the issue.
Carly Benson
Carly works as a Certified Life Coach and Yoga Instructor specializing in Sobriety Coaching and has been sober from alcohol and cocaine since August 17, 2008. Her passionate charge with this work is to come alongside others to help them find their own unique paths, to understand that sober is not boring and to create lives they don’t want to escape from.
Additional speakers to be announced
Conference Venue
Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
650 15th Street, Denver, Colorado, USA 80202
Tel: +1 303 436 1234
Please Note: We do have a limited block of rooms held at a discounted rate. 
A special note from Annie:
If you're anything like me you’ve probably tried, possibly many many times, to cut back on your drinking - or even to stop all together.

And you may have had some success but there are still things you find yourself stuck on.
I want you to know it is not your fault.
It is not a lack of willpower, or a moral failing or anything else you may have been lead to believe.

In fact, there are some simple scientific reasons - reasons that are neurological, physiological and psychological why both moderation and going alcohol free can be so difficult, and why often times attempts to moderate result in your drinking more - nope that's not just you, that happens to all of us!

Yet it’s crazy - in today’s culture there is so much pressure to ‘drink responsibly’. In fact, if you turn down a drink, you are looked at like you have two heads.

It's ridiculous.
Think about this for a second, alcohol is the only drug on earth you have to justify not taking.
Crazy right? Current society's view on alcohol is literally insane, it kills twice as many people as all prescription and illegal drugs combined yet its held up as this vital part of every aspect of life from sporting events, to dating, to happy hour and relaxing.

And yes, you heard me right. Alcohol kills twice as many people as all prescription and illegal drugs combined. (And that does not include deaths from drunk driving!)

That's scary stuff!
So right now you might be wondering if I am saying all this to scare you, or to give you a firm directive to just stop drinking already…
That is not it, not at all. In fact, if you are familiar with my work at all, you know that my job is simple.

To present facts, science and information in a smart, informed and non-judgmental way.

And to then allow you to make your own choices. After all, we are all independent, grown human beings, and the truth is when someone tells us what to do - and worse what to think - we start to rebel. So there will be none of that!

If this all makes sense and is speaking to you, I want to encourage you to come and join me live, for two days of transformational teaching and experience where you’ll get all the tools and knowledge you need to take back your life. Once and for all. 

I can’t wait to meet you! 

October 27th & 28th in Denver, Colorado 
Early Bird Discount ends in

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