You hold a limitless capacity to change, to make things better.
You are never stuck. There is always hope. 

And that’s what This Naked Mind LIVE is all about. 
You hold a limitless capacity to change, to make things better.
You are never stuck. There is always hope. 

And that’s what This Naked Mind LIVE is all about. 
This Naked Mind LIVE 2018 sold out!
But don’t worry - there’s still an opportunity for you to get access to this life changing material. 
I’ve decided to create a HD Digital Recording of the entire event.
What will you discover?
I’m so glad you asked!
  •  The most vital component in lasting change. If this is missing from your life, change will be almost impossible. We will discover exactly what it is and how to harness it as power for your personal goals.
  •  The 3 most important things every human should know about alcohol, and how to communicate them in an easy, effective and non-judgmental way to your loved ones (especially your kids!). 
  •  Why the majority of positive change does not stick for the long term and exactly how you can make sure the changes you are making will. 
  •  The proven 3 Step Technique that will help you apply This Naked Mind to any belief or behavior that is keeping you from where you want to be. 
  •  The scientific phenomenon behind “knowing better” but continuing to do it anyway. And exactly how to get out of the “I can’t believe I did that, I know better” trap. 
  •  How to create an atmosphere in your home, your workplace and your friendships that supports and encourages an alcohol free life. How to plant the seeds, gently and unobtrusively, to help loved ones who are stuck.  
  •  And…. soooo much more. 
How will your life be different
after This Naked Mind Live?
You will be inspired.
We will jumpstart positive change with proven, scientifically based techniques that allow you to break out of the rut you are in and discover that everything you are looking for is actually waiting for you.
You will be empowered.
Are there things in your life that you wish you did more of? Less of? Wish you didn’t do at all? 
I’ll be revealing - for the first time ever - the specific method I used to created incredible change with This Naked Mind. I’ve broken it down into a process that you can apply to anything that is holding you back. The process is called ACT (Awareness, Clarity & Turnaround). Each letter has steps that take you from where you are to where you want to be. 
ACT is a specific, proven method that will catapult you from where you are (with alcohol or anything that is holding you back) to where you want to go. Through an immersive teaching experience, you forever learn the ACT technique and how to apply it to any area of your life where you feel stuck. 
And this incredible process is only taught at This Naked Mind Live. It is not yet available on my website, in any of my books, programs or anywhere else. This process will change your life. 
How will your life be different
after This Naked Mind Live?
No Judgment.
No Shame.
No Labels.
You will never be judged -- no matter what your personal goals are. You will never be asked to take on a label or to declare yourself powerless.  
Instead, you will learn how, between your ears, you have the most powerful tool in regaining control and freedom around alcohol - you just need to be shown how to use it and maybe even more importantly be allowed to veto all the crazy misinformation in society’s conversation around drinking!
We Work With
The Mind, 
Rather Than
Against It.
Willpower can only get you so far… it runs out. Trying to deprive yourself of something you want makes it more important. Trying to ignore a craving gives it strength and power. These are some of the ways other methods work against the brain, actually making change harder. 
We’ll work with the mind, allowing change to be natural and wanted. You will start to build on wins and successes rather than broken promises and self-loathing.
Here is some more of what you’ll discover and experience at This Naked Mind Live:
  •  How to socialize Alcohol Free without being resentful and frustrated, while in fact enjoying yourself more and laughing louder than anyone there!
  •  The 3 key reasons stress is actually your friend and the important mindset shift that, once understood, means that stress is no longer a trigger to drink. 
  •  5 tricks the alcohol industry uses to keep their pockets lined and millions of us stuck in the awful drinking cycle. 
  •  How to handle boredom, what exactly boredom means, why it can keep you drinking and how to understand and overcome boredom. 
  •  The 5 stages of change, what level you are at and how exactly to breakthrough to the next level. 
  •  How to fully reclaim your personal power against alcohol and effortlessly maintain it so that you’re completely free from the drinking cycle.  
Who you will learn from:
Annie Grace
Since writing This Naked Mind, Annie has been asked how to apply the Naked Mind process to all sorts of other things; stress, sugar addiction, depression, loneliness, other substances and so much more. Annie knew there was a way to do this and has spent the better part of two years distilling the process into a method that can be used to find freedom from anything holding you back - whether it is a painful thought or an actual addiction. This process, called ACT, will be revealed and taught for the first time ever at This Naked Mind Live. It is something that will change your life and that you don’t want to miss. 

Annie Grace is the bestselling author of This Naked Mind and the creator of The Alcohol Experiment. She has been featured globally in media such as Forbes, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, The Guardian, and ABC for her revolutionary work in craving, addiction and habit change.
Marc & Angel Chernoff
Marc & Angel have a single goal: to give you the tools to identify and transform the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. And they do it so well that their teaching is transforming millions of lives. In fact their strategies and advice are so powerful that their most recent book Getting Back to Happy was an instant New York Times bestseller and they have been recognized by Forbes as having “one of the most popular personal development blogs” of all time. 

Marc & Angel Chernoff are New York Times bestselling authors, professional coaches,
full-time students of life and admirers of the human spirit. They’ve spent the past decade writing about and teaching proven strategies for finding lasting happiness, success, love and peace. It is truly an honor to have them speaking at This Naked Mind Live.
Scott Pinyard
Scott brings power and presence to This Naked Mind. He is the Head Coach for all This Naked Mind programs and has a wealth of information and experience in exactly what you are going through. If you have a question, chances are, Scott has the answer. He gives practical and empowering tools to get back in the driver’s seat - both in your relationship with alcohol and anything else that is holding you back.
Scott guides you to understand your thoughts, fears, and beliefs that stop you from creating change. 
Carly Benson
Carly will come along side you and help you find your own unique path. She travels the country (and globe) teaching the Art of Intentional Living. A simple process to realize your true power and to reclaim control of your life, a path that ultimately leads to happiness and fulfillment. Carly’s goal is to help you create a life you don’t want to escape from.
Does any of this sound familiar?
  •  Have you tried to change your relationship with alcohol, but you can’t find a way to move beyond it?
  •  Have you attempted to quit drinking and learned that willpower won’t make the change you want?
  •  Have you had changes you want to make in your life, but haven’t found the inspiration to make them?
  •  Have you started down a new path only to have barriers make your progress seem impossible?
  •  Are you feeling that your change won’t happen, that you’ll be stuck where you are forever?
  •  Does negative thinking and a pessimistic outlook keep you from moving through your problems and into a better life?
If so, you’re not alone. People around the world are struggling with these issues just like you. The presentations at This Naked Mind LIVE were developed to help you move past these obstacles and build the life you want. 

I want you to know that you can change your life. This Naked Mind LIVE will give you the insight you need to make progress. Order your Digital Ticket today to get motivated, get inspired and get going on making the change you want in your life. 

Professional HD recordings will be delivered 4-6 weeks after the event. 
Is this the whole program?
Yes! You’ll be able to experience the whole event, including the live coaching sessions right from your computer.
Will I be able to rewatch the videos?
Yes! These videos and the digital workbook will be yours to keep forever. You’ll have access to rewatch the entire program whenever and wherever you want.
I know someone who could use this - would it make a good gift?
Absolutely! Many people have bought our products to help others on the journey. The Digital Ticket is no exception!
Is this material available anywhere else?
No - these presentations are only available through the This Naked Mind LIVE Digital Ticket.
How long are the videos?
The entire program contains two full days of presentations - there are over eight hours of life changing presentations in total. Each presentation is presented as it’s own video to make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Here is why you should grab your HD Recordings of This Naked Mind LIVE Today:
We all have change we want to make. And it’s extremely common to feel overwhelmed and confused when we face the parts of our life we want to improve. There are so many questions: Where do I find the inspiration to get started? How do I build momentum? What do I do when I hit resistance? What happens if I fail? How do I make a commitment to transforming my life and actually stick with it in the long run?

So many of our obstacles to change come from the way we think about the problems we face. We want to move in a different direction, but after our initial enthusiasm wears off, old patterns reappear and we revert to our old ways. All of the presenters at This Naked Mind LIVE have been there - we’ve all felt stuck. We’re all presenting from experience and we want you to learn the information, ideas, and concepts that helped us grow out of our old ways and build the lives we wanted.

This material will help you identify the subconscious beliefs, negative thinking, and patterns that are holding you back. Let me, and the other presenters, give you the tools and motivation you need to get out of your old patterns and create a new life. 

Whether you want to finally move beyond alcohol, make major shifts in your life, or transform your perspective, the digital ticket is right for you. 

Are you ready to finally take the steps you know you need to improve your life? Are you ready to learn the techniques to identify and eliminate the thoughts that are holding you back?
"This Naked Mind Live 2018" Digital HD Recording
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