Here's The Truth:
Sometimes you need an extra boost of momentum & encouragement to create lasting, lifelong change.
Let’s face the facts. 
Most New Year’s Resolutions survive less than 17 days! 
It’s unfortunate, but most habits will peter out within 3 weeks, no matter how strong our willpower or our intentions were when we set those goals and resolutions.

Willpower fades! Look at your local gym in February and March and watch how much thinner the parking lots get as we move away from January 1st and people can no longer rely on their willpower.

If you want this to last, and you want to find real, permanent freedom -- and are ready for great things -- but right now you fear that lasting change may elude you, I want to introduce you to something…

It’s your consistent touchstone that keeps you focused on imprinting these new habits deep into your psyche and creating lifelong change so you don’t have to rely on willpower.  

It is your daily guidepost for the journey that you’re on, and how you’re going to continue building the momentum that you’re feeling through This Naked Mind…

If you want to see the true magic in daily reinforcement...
I want to introduce you to the 100 Days of Lasting Change
Your key to staying focused, present, aware and happy while creating a new you.
So often we try to change by pushing ourselves forward, using willpower to stay the course. 

But what if you were pulled?
Instead of forcing your way forward, feeling like you’re fighting an uphill battle, what if someone who has already traveled your road is standing at the top with a hand out, ready to pull you up and keep you from making mistakes along the way?

Momentum builds and grows and new routines become second nature. 

When we are gently pulled in the right direction, true and lasting change becomes possible. 

So, what is 100 Days of Lasting Change? 
It's Simple
Each day, for the next 100 days, I will be gently pulling you toward
your goals of freedom, control and happiness. 
Every single day you’ll receive: 
  •   A powerful, yet concise, video where I remind you of who you were without alcohol and give you the important, scientifically-backed tools to regain that best version of yourself. Taking a few minutes to watch this daily video will give you momentum, positivity and encouragement throughout your entire day.
  •  Daily written reminders to focus on what you know is working and avoid what you know will cause you to lose the momentum that you’re building.
  •  A daily reflection and journal prompt so you can see your progression through your journey and look back to see exactly how far you’ve come.
  •  A *brand-new* supportive community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey - because you do not have to do this alone!
Specifically, here are some of the things we’ll cover…
  •  Why holding on to old stories and beliefs prevents you from moving forward and how you can effortlessly learn to let go and move into the best version of yourself. 
  •  The myths that 99% of people believe about alcohol and what is really (scientifically and neurologically) true (and how awareness of these myths shuts them down completely!)
  •  The 10 most powerful emotions to create happiness and how to harness and enhance each in your life (and why alcohol so thoroughly depletes our true happiness!).
  •  The top 5 scientifically proven ways to reduce stress and how you can easily integrate them into your routine in order to live a more peaceful life without desiring alcohol. 
  •  How to finally make changes last, with proven techniques that will carry beyond just drinking to every area of your life. 
  •  More of the judgement-free guidance you’ve fallen in love with through This Naked Mind.
100 Days of Lasting Change is Perfect for You if:
  •  You are excited about an alcohol free life and want the extra dose of motivation to make sure these amazing changes effortlessly stick with you. 
  •  You are still of two minds about alcohol -- mostly happy, but occasionally feel deprived or that something is missing when you turn down a drink. 
  •  You are ready to permanently regain full, conscious control over your drinking habits and routines, your life, your health, your happiness and your freedom.
  •  You know there is more for you and aren’t quite sure of the habits or techniques to put in place to get to the absolute best version of yourself. 
  •  You find that your life is too stressful and busy and are looking for simple strategies to reduce stress and get back in control of your emotions.
  •  You are ready to show up in life as your best self and finally find the tools to live your happiest most peaceful life -- the life you know is waiting for you, but you just haven’t quite figured it out yet. 
Join me for 100 Days of Lasting Change and see how there is true magic and power in doing something every day. Let me gently pull you toward the life you know you are meant to live. 
You can get this incredible program today for less than $2 USD a day! 

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