Exciting updates on
The Alcohol Experiment


How do I access the new Alcohol Experiment?
The new Alcohol Experiment is now available at www.alcoholexperiment.com as well as in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

NOTE: Since this is a new platform, you are creating a new account and your information will not transfer over. You will have to start the experiment again on Day 1 - however it is worthwhile as all the video content has been updated and the order of the content will now match the order of the book: The Alcohol Experiment. 
Do I need a new account for the new Alcohol Experiment?
Yes. The new Alcohol Experiment is on a brand new platform so you will need to create a new account and start again from Day 1. Your login information and account does not transfer over from the Legacy version. Note: This new version has brand new videos in the same order as the book, The Alcohol Experiment, so starting again will be very worthwhile.
How do I access my existing Alcohol Experiment content?
You retain access to all of your existing Alcohol Experiment content (videos, journal entries, and the entire legacy community). You can login at legacyalcoholexperiment.com and everything will be as it has always been - however, new users will no longer be able to create an account on this legacy version.
How long will I have access to Legacyalcoholexperiment.com?
We will maintain the site as long as possible. We do recommend that you take the time to ensure you download anything vital that you want to keep because, although we intend to maintain the site indefinitely, there is always the possibility, when a platform is no longer being developed on, that accessibility will be limited.
Will my account transfer to the App or the new Alcohol Experiment? Will it track what day I am on?
No, unfortunately since this is a new platform, and new - updated - content, the existing accounts will not transfer. Further, since the new content has been updated to match the format of the book The Alcohol Experiment and the days are no longer in the order of the original (Beta version), the days will not port to the new platform.
I donated. Will I retain access to the site as promised?
Yes, of course. And the site will be available indefinitely at LegacyAlcoholExperiment.com. We do encourage you to download the most important things to you in the unfortunate event that the platform is no longer accessible - as we will no longer be actively developing LegacyAlcoholExperiment.com
Since I’ve already donated will I get lifetime access to the new Alcohol Experiment?
Yes! We are so excited to welcome you to the new Alcohol Experiment. And once you become a member, you will always be a member. The new content, order, and platform are incredible and I really hope you come check it out. And please, if you have any feedback, reach out to us at support@alcoholexperiment.com
This all sounds great, but I am still stuck drinking. I can’t seem to get traction?
I get it. Sometimes there is more support needed beyond The Alcohol Experiment. If you are feeling stuck, maybe you had a great run of time but are now struggling to get traction, or haven't ever been able to make it past a few days, I would love for you to explore The PATH. You can learn all about it here at NakedMindPath.com 

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