The Exchange from This Naked Mind
Participant Acknowledgement
Updated July 1, 2019
Welcome to The Exchange! 

The Exchange is such an exciting place and we want you to be clear on the nature of what it is, and what it is not. 

The Exchange from This Naked Mind is a peer-to-peer group hosted by facilitators who are on the same journey as the participants. The facilitators have participated in a This Naked Mind program that includes coaching, like The Intensive or the Path, and have been approved by Annie Grace or Scott Pinyard to facilitate. They host regular Exchange Hours by simply opening a zoom meeting at a scheduled time and facilitating the conversation.

Please note: 

Facilitators are not coaches, counselors, or therapists. They have graciously volunteered to run our Exchange Hours. Here’s what they will do in their facilitator role:
  • Schedule the calls
  • Open the calls
  • ​Facilitate the conversation (ask questions and keep the conversation moving)
  • ​Close the calls
  • ​Report any issues that need attention to the This Naked Mind team
The Exchange is a peer-to-peer group - meaning that both the facilitators and the members are there to share their journey. Just to be clear, participation in the programs mentioned above doesn’t mean that our facilitators are alcohol free. For many of our facilitators that is their intention, and many are already there, but in keeping with the core philosophy that all paths are valid, being alcohol free is not a requirement to be an Exchange facilitator. 

Here is what a facilitator does not do in their role. 

1) A Facilitator does not provide advice or coaching during the calls. While Facilitators are welcome to (and should) share their own experiences, they are not to tell anyone on the call what they ‘should’ do or give advice. 

2) A Facilitator does not ‘play favorites’ or engage in any type of discrimination.

3) A Facilitator does not proactively seek relationships with participants outside of the group or the calls, understanding the safest place for all involved is to facilitate conversation and connection at the group level (not the 1:1 level) and within the group. 

4) A Facilitator does not reach out to participants privately to ‘follow up’, ‘check in’ or offer ‘outside’ advice, coaching or input. 

5) A Facilitator does not provide clinical treatment, therapy or counseling or clinically evaluate or assess a client, providing a definition or diagnosis of a problem or pathology.

If you become aware that a facilitator is acting in a way out of keeping with this policy, please alert us at this will help keep The Exchange healthy, supportive and thriving. 

Thank you for your participation! We want this to be a supportive community that provides connection, hope, and positivity. We’ve seen first hand how much of a difference that can make for people at all parts of their journey.
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