Are you looking for resources that will help you on your alcohol-free journey? Whether you’re just starting off or need some motivation to continue, we’re glad you found us! 
Welcome to This Naked Mind, your compassion-led and science-based resource for changing the way you feel about alcohol and your relationship with it!

We’ve put together our top resources that are all designed to not only meet you where you are but help guide you to where you’d like to be on this journey. 

Check them all out below!
The Alcohol Experiment
The Alcohol Experiment has helped over 400,000 people take a 30-day break from alcohol. This totally free online program is perfect for anyone that has ever wondered what life would look like with less alcohol in it! 30 days and 30 lessons all designed to interrupt your patterns, challenge your beliefs and bring you greater clarity, happiness, and peace in your relationship with alcohol. 
The PATH: 365
Has your journey to find freedom from alcohol been a bit bumpier than you’d like? Are you tired of trying to find freedom on your own and wish there was a place where you could find everything you need to not just find freedom but also find happiness, control, and confidence on this journey? The PATH: 365 delivers all that and more. Daily lessons, daily coaching, and a community to walk this PATH and this journey with you.

Developed not only based on Annie Grace’s own journey but also from all of the continuing research and developments that continue to come out - The PATH: 365 is the premier way to make alcohol small and insignificant in your life for good. 
Live Naked AF Membership
This program picks up where most others drop off! So many of us find that getting free from alcohol is the easy part - it’s learning how to live and thrive alcohol-free that we struggle with. 

Live Naked AF is for those who have found freedom from alcohol but still don’t feel free to live life fully. Whether you have fears of drinking again, are unsure of what steps to take next, need more guidance, support, and tools to deal with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and living alcohol-free, or would just like someone to help you continue this journey and learn to live and build a life you don’t want to escape from - Live Naked AF was designed with you in mind. Community, coaching, “How To” lessons and everything you could possibly need to learn how to thrive in an alcohol-free life is found inside Live Naked AF. 

Start building a life you don’t want to escape from.
Live Masterclass with Annie Grace
Would you like to know more about Annie Grace’s personal journey with finding freedom from alcohol and how you can learn from it to change your path? Join Annie for a free LIVE Masterclass where you’ll learn how Annie went from a Decade of Daily Drinking to Happily and Effortlessly in Control... (WITHOUT Feeling Miserable or Deprived!). Annie shares her struggles, the mistakes she made that you can learn from, and so much more. She reveals how to stop drinking without actually stopping drinking (yes, that IS possible!!), the real reason you’ve been stuck in your relationship with alcohol (and why it’s not your fault!), and how to stay on track when it seems the whole world wants you to drink (and be happy about it!).

This masterclass brings clarity and hope when it you’re not sure what step to even take first.
Six Vital Things You Need to Know About Moderation
Are you not sure if you’d like to take a break from alcohol or if you’d like to moderate? No worries! We have something for you too! Annie Grace has written an amazing (and free!) e-book that is going to reveal to you the Six Vital Things You Need to Know About Moderation. Find out the science behind moderation and allow it to guide you to make the best possible choice for you. 
This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, and Change Your Life
Are you ready to find your freedom from alcohol? Start with the book that ignited a revolution and transformed the lives of thousands of others. Annie Grace shares the science and the real-world experiences that helped her find her own freedom from alcohol in This Naked Mind. This Naked Mind removes the psychological dependence so that you will not crave alcohol, allowing you to easily drink less (or stop drinking). 

Learn how to remove your desire for alcohol forever with This Naked Mind.
This Naked Life: 48 True Stories of Finding Freedom from Alcohol
Are you living a Naked Life after reading our books, joining the app, listening to the the podcasts, or using another TNM program? We want you to share your story here for a chance to be featured on our podcast or the blog. Inspire others on their journey with your story!

And if you love hearing about how others have found freedom through This Naked Mind, check out This Naked Life! This Naked Life offers forty-eight raw and real stories of people who have found freedom from alcohol through This Naked Mind. 
Not Sure Which Program is Right For You?

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